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10 Cool Subscription Services

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In our current situation, a lot of us have reassessed how we shop. More and more of us are now taking our shopping online to get almost everything delivered to our door.

Maybe you already did that with most of your clothes, we have certainly been guilty of a few packages in the past couple of months. You’re in a pandemic, treat yo’ self. Now that we are indoors for most of our time, many of us are now looking at how to get more sent straight to us. We can now get a subscription for meals, plants, beauty products etc. So many options! Below we have listed some of our favourites.

Beauty Pie

Still apprehensive about going out and thinking you need to sort out your face before you see anyone 2 meters away? Or maybe your make-up needs a little update? Beauty Pie have got your back when it comes to all your beauty products covering skin, body, makeup and your hair.

How it works

Beauty Pie offer membership prices for luxury brands. You would pay a monthly subscription for as little as £5 this would give you £100, they then take the prices that you would pay as a non-member from your total of 100, and then you pay the price of a member for those products. If you don’t spend that, the money rolls over to the next month. Whaaaa?! Amazing.

£5/10/20 monthly memberships or pay £99 year

Mindful Chef

Big lovers of Mindful chef here at Nonchalant HQ. Their meals are tasty as fuck (because they really are full of flavour) their ingredients are measured precisely, for no waste, and so that every detail for those of us who are counting calories etc. Also great if you have intolerances as everything is gluten-free and dairy-free.

You can choose how often you receive boxes and skip or cancel if you don’t want them every week. They choose the meals for you but you can swap them for others, every week there will be something new on the menu too.

5 recipes for 1 person £52.00

3 recipes for a family of 4 £72.00


plant subscirption service

Can’t deny we all like a bit of green..ery in our house. This subscription is perfect if you haven’t had the chance to go out much recently. sign up to the subscription and get a surprise plant every month with a pot and if you aren’t green-fingered? These guys send a card with instructions on how to keep that little plant baby of yours happy.

From £35 – £42.50

All Plants

A subscription box made up of ready-made vegan meals. Yeah, we did say ready meals but these ain’t any old basics. Trust us these are tasty. Choose your box of 6 meals including ones which are nut, gluten or soy-free, and whether you would like to cook them in the oven or microwave. Then choose when you want it to get delivered.

Perfect for when you don’t want to cook!

For one person £40.50

For two people £59.88


ffs razor

Fed up of paying ridiculous prices for razors? Maybe you don’t want a razor in baby blue or pink? Here is your answer. These guys are all about the planet with their recyclable packaging and blade recycling scheme and they are cruelty-free products.

Get rid of that grim plastic razor, and get yourself one of these.

From £9


oddbox subscription

You know when you go to the supermarket and all the fruit and veg look similar, same colour, same shape? Supermarkets think that we want everything to be uniform and much of the farmers produce gets thrown away. Oddbox thought that this needed to be changed and now work closely with those farmers to rescue that produce and came up with this subscription box using those ‘ugly’ fruit and veggies!

“At ODDBOX we rescue odd and surplus fruit & veg that could have otherwise gone to waste directly from the farms, and deliver them to over 10,000 mindful homes. We are striving for a world where all food produced is consumed, doing so through helping farmers, preventing delicious food from going to waste, and working with charities to donate to those who need it the most.”

A statement from Oddbox on how they do things

Get your 5 a day and save the planet, win win.

£11.49 – £18.49 per box

Perky Blenders

Struggling because you’re missing your favourite coffee during the lockdown? Get that instant into the bin! Sign up for this subscription and get that coffee hit straight to your door.

These guys know that when at home not everyone has the bean to cup machine, they have a fair few options on how your beans can come according to how you make your perfect cup.

They also provide the information on the roast and the way it was farmed ensuring you pick exactly what you want.

One blend up to £8.50


beer subscription

Craft beers from all over the world delivered straight to your door, why wouldnt you want that?

If you join the beer club you can get 8 craft beers per month that the experts at Flavourly choose for you for £19.90 a month. They also throw in a snack and a magazine too.

£19.90 a month


graze subscription

SCHNACCCCKKKSSS! Yep we all love a snack. these guys have been around for a while because they are really good and providing healthy tasty snacks.

Choose which box you would like between, variety, light or protein with over 100 snacks. Unfortunately, Graze can’t guarantee that their products are safe for those who have allergies but if you are trying to avoid dairy or gluten you can choose those options when choosing your box.

Once you have paid for your box, chosen the frequency and given your dietary requirements, they ask you to love, like and dislike they create the box for you!

£4.49 per snack box

Barry’s Cactus club

cactus subscription service

Can’t keep count on how many plants you have unintentionally murdered? Yeah, neither can we. So when we saw this subscription we were delighted! Cactus babies are easy to maintain and hard to kill off. With this subscription, not only do you get a cute little cactus or two, but you also get some fucking awesome pots to keep those bad bois in.

These guys start their subscription service box in June but you can pre-order now and get your box for £12.00.

£16.00 per month

Subscribe us up baby!

Love Team Nonchalant xx

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