Cereal Killer Café

Firstly, who doesn’t like a pun in the title of a café they eat in?!

Brick lane was the first Cereal Killer Café (they have since opened one in Camden – happy days) and to begin with it received a bit of bad press with many saying that it was a rip off and how ridiculous it was to go and pay for a bowl of cereal

Well yes, maybe £4 is a little expensive but you aren’t just paying for the cereal, it’s a bit of fun people!! Lighten up and give them your £4!

When entering the café the walls are covered in packs of cereal, and you begin to realise that the choice is endless… did you know they had an Addams Family cereal?! Yep, you also learn stuff here too. To accompany the array of cereal they also have a chalk board with many, MANY, lists of different milks, sodas, and toppings. The milk options include bubble gum, white chocolate, mint, and caramel – to name a few. 

The huge selection of suggested mixes turns it in to a whole other ball game. We tried out ‘Trife Up Your Life’, which is basically a trifle breakfast including rice pops, topped with jelly, chopped strawberries, and cream (the canned spray kind which you spray straight into your mouth after a brake up…oh, you don’t do that?). This particular choice comes with custard milk. Which was the best thing anyone has ever done for those cows…amen to that sista!

We loved a bit of expensive cereal chow down so go spend your money, have a bit of fun, and enjoy your Cereal Killer Café experience. 

P.s our only neggy feedback would be to not get a flat white. They may excel in their cereal combination skills, they don’t make excellent coffee.