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London’s Best Tattoo Artists


We are lucky enough to have some of the very best tattoo artists based here in our home town of London (LANDAN) – so once you’ve made the brave decision that you want to be a hard nut and get inked you’ve then got the rather important task of choosing ‘The One’, the artist you want to decorate your beautiful body.

With an abundance of tattoo styles to choose from it can become a wee bit overwhelming – so to help in the quest for the chosen one we have selected a handful of talented London based tattoo artists to check out. Not only have we picked out some of the finest artists L-Town has to offer (which some we have actually personally tried out ourselves) but we have some very exciting information for you too – only a bloody ‘Walk-ins Flashday’ at the hugely popular ‘Old Habits’ tattoo studio in East London…all the details are below…

Yaana Gyach

Yaana is a freelance tattoo artist based in South East London, this talented lady has produced beautiful botanical pieces along with specialising in line work, dot work and black work tattoos (@yg.tattooing)

London Tattoo Artist -YG


Wolfgang is a resident tattoo artist at Sang Bleu Tattoo Studios, this absolute gent and talented artist – Wolfgang produces a variety of tattoo styles – traditional, black & grey, mandala – the list goes on. @wolfgangtattoo (@sbldnttt)

London Tattoo Artist - Wolfgang

Clare Frances

Clare can be found tattooing at Old Habits, creating truly unique pieces of black ink artwork both calligraphy and art pieces @clare.frances (@oldhabitstattoo)

London Tattoo Artist - Clare Frances

Piotrek Taton

Piotrek Taton is a firm favourite at Good Times Tattoo, he produces some of the most realistic tattoos out there @piotrek_taton_tattoo (@GoodTime Tattoo)

London Tattoo Artists - Piotrek Taton

The Nonchalant team will keep you posted with upcoming Tattoo artists.

If you know of any other incredible artists then let us know by commenting below.


Team Nonchalant x

Nat Murray
Nat Murray

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