Eggcellent (sorry) brunch ideas

If you’re struggling with the amount of choice there is in London (there’s a lot!) We thought we would pick a few for you, it was really hard work eating our way through some of these brunches but we are dedicated researchers and in the words of Loreal “you’re worth it”.   Flour To The People 573 Battersea Park Road Battersea SW11 3BJ Monday – Sunday 8-10pm This place is fucking ace. With a brunch menu full of locally sourced, free range and organic produce, you know every mouthful has been created with love. We really rated the gloriousness of the home baked sourdour… the breads , the muffins, the crumpets, all baked fresh in the bakery before sunrise. Our kind of morning glory. Not only FTTP produce their own juice, they also make their own butter and preserve their own jams, is there anything these guys don’t do themselves ? Lay the eggs? Open from 8am this small but perfectly formed cafe has space for around 20 diners, sitting to up-cycled tables made from reclaimed woods and scaffold poles. We thoroughly enjoyed toasting our own bread on the table toasters (although you can do this daily at home, it feels a novelty to do it in a cafe) Talking of toast….You can even have unlimited toast for two, if you cant get enough of the carbs. The coffee was delicious too. An all round winner.     Queenswood 15 Battersea Square London SW11 3RA Monday to Friday 8-11pm, Saturday 9-12am, Sunday 9-9pm Situated within Queensquare the aptly named Queenswood is full of great food, charm and some pretty cool decor. It’s the kind of place we imagine great writers to flock to, ordering endless amounts of froffy coffee, cosing up in a corner on a handsome leather armchair with only their pen (or lets be honest, laptop) and paper for company. Ah. Dreamy. Anyway, we digress, back to brunch…. The brunch menu has a great variety of alternative yet appetising choices sitting a long side hearty classics, all guaranteed to get you salivating like a pavlov dog, although not sure that’s the look anyones going for. Offerings include watermelon ricotta, kedgeree, bowls full of quinoa as well as old faithfuls such as scrambled eggs and scotch pancakes. These yummy breakfast options are available from 8 till 3, so plenty of time to get† over your hangover and get your egg fix. Of the smoothies we did try, we found them to be bursting with flavour and super tasty. Do splash out and give one a go.     Ozone 11 Leonard street London EC2A 4SH Open Monday to Friday 7:30- 9pm and 9- 5pm at the weekends. Producing some good New Zealand vibes this place is a great choice for all your brunching/lunch or caffeine addiction needs. It has an almost warehouse feel with big metal windows, heavy wooden tables and stools it’s a pretty cool place without trying too hard, because, let’s face it no one likes a try hard. The staff are almost as edgy as the tables, with tattoos and piercings, with their friendly manner we almost fell†in love 5 times. An artisan roasters first off, these guys know how to make a prrrreeeety decent coffee (and that’s a definite understatement) they roast their own coffee beans onsite, the roaster can be seen as it’s all very open with big sacks of coffee beans (yum) getting filled up to be distributed. You can buy them too in Ozone so you can try and re-create the deliciousness these baristas conjure up (let’s face it they’re MAGICIANS) … but not sure it’ll be so good. The menu is seasonal (they know their veg too it seems) we went for a brunch choice of smoked haddock kedgeree with poached egg, fried in shallots, if it wasn’t so filling we would have paid for seconds. Obviously sampled a flat white…no.words.   100 Hoxton 100-102 Hoxton street Shoreditch London N1 6SG (Also 100 Hoxton) Open Tuesday to Friday 12-12am, Saturday 11-12am and Sunday 11-10pm In a trendy part of London this place has some stiff competition, good job what it offers ain’t too shabby. You can go here any day of the week and get something that suits your tastebuds or alcohol desires. Dishing out brunches they have small plates to share a lunchtime takeaway menu and happy hour, cocktails, and even offer up a roast dinner from 1 on a Sunday. Theres some unique twists to modern dishes. We went for the 100 Hoxton Big Breakfast, and it didn’t disappoint in size or taste. Made up of – Pork belly, spring onion hash, fried eggs, tomato and avocado salsa, toast, jalapeŮo dressing. It’s a plate and belly filler. The little twist with this one was that you got pork belly instead of sausage, we know what you’re thinking… they are CARAZY…but it totally worked give pork belly a chance guys leave the sausage behind. If you’re thirsty and don’t fancy alcohol (although the cocktails are on point here too) try the Gorgeous juice† a blend of passion fruit, raspberry, apple juice, cranberry juice. Refreshing! Ah.