The Best Lesbian Sex Toys…

…in our opinion.

The best Lesbian Sex Toys Sometimes in life you just need a little bit of variety, especially when it comes to sex – this is why we have put together an assortment of the best Lesbian sex toys around to get your creative juices flowing…. We have focused on the best tools for ladies who love ladies – whether you’re flying solo, becoming dora the explorer with your new gal or just wanting to revive a long-term relationship we’ve got a few handy suggestions for your perusal. 1. Lets start small…. The Bullet

Rocks Off RO 150mm Slimline Gold Bullet Vibrator – £19.99

The best lesbian sex toys

This little pocket rocket comes in all colours, differing speeds and varies slightly in price but essentially this little genius is perfect to stimulate your lady garden. It is small, discreet, super quiet and you can take it anywhere! 2. Hold up hold up..…where’s the lube – Always useful to have to keep the party going. There is a whole host of flavours available so go wild – or you can always keep it simple if you are a sensitive sally downstairs…. 3. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise… You don’t always have to go with the pricey sex toys to change things up a little – blind fold,hand restraints or new lingerie will go down a treat…… The best lesbian Sex toys 4. The D.I.L.D.O – the choice is yours…. This is a bit like choosing a new pair of shoes – we’ve got to consider the size we want girls, the look, material, shape, strapped on or whether you want the big P at all…(penetration)…. Here’s a few of our favourites;

LELO Ella Silicone Dildo - £39.99 The best lesbian sex toys

Cupid 3 Curved Dildo - £52.00 The best lesbian sex toys

Spareparts Hardwear UnisexJoque Strap-On Harness - £99.99

The best lesbian sex toys

RodeoH Strap On Pants - £39.99 The best lesbian sex toys

5. Dual Stimulation Time People…. The Rabbit has been around for donkeys but is an absolute hit with ladies all over the world. Satisfying you inside and out … Efficient piece of kit this (be straight, bi or lesbian) – two options below based on your budget.

Sensations Feel The Ripple Rampant Rabbit - £55.00 Rampant Rabbit

LELO The Rabbit of a lifetime – £119.00

Lelo sex toy for lexbians

6. Double the fun… Double Trouble Time (double ender):

Double Trouble Slender Bender –  £24.99

Slender Blender sex toys for lesbians

Why not take it one step further with…. Strapless – a little on the pricier side – this toy is going to take practice, just to warn you, but the beauty of this strapless strap on is to allow greater ‘skin to skin’ lady loving time where both parties are reaping the benefits.

Fun Factory Share VibeRechargeable Strapless Strap On - £80.00

Double ended dildo sex toy for lesbians

Is it just us or are a lot of the sex toys now a days looking like a quirky ornament you’d find on the living room mantel piece; Which is handy to avoid the awkward ‘Jesus Lord Mary and Joseph is that the dogs toy or your dildo under your bed’. All of the sex toys chosen above are rated highly but fundamentally it is all about what floats your boat – so we reckon play play play and play some more to find out what you like!!! Enjoy X