The Blind Pig, London Bar Review

Situated above the social eating house and slap bang in the middle of soho and carnaby street, it’s a pretty decent location to quench your thirst.
The Blind Pig

You’ll feel like you’ve been let into a secret, with the door being tucked away from the street, you can find it under a retro opticians sign. Find a door with a bling pig head for a knocker and with a feeling that you’re entering some kind of British musical gangster film of the Bugsy Malone variety, walk the stairs to the bar.
The Blind Pig
The Blind Pig - Soho
The bar itself has a brass finish, a mirrored ceiling, leather seated booths and mis-matched wooden chairs and tables. Classy establishment.
The cocktail menu ain’t too bad either. With the use of puns and other equally entertaining names, like slap and tickle, Flipster, Robin Hood Quince of Thieves. A couple we tried (need to do our research thoroughly don’t we!?) Kindergarten Cup which is sweet and slightly fruity. A silver screen which is popcorn infused and comes with a miniature box of popcorn. Careful though it’s a heartburn in a glass!
Silver Screen Cocktail
For all the old school decor and trendy cocktail menu there was a certain date night atmosphere lacking. Much like Bugsy, it was all a bit for show. We would recommend bringing your straight mate for her birthday. Or your mum.  
Kindergarten Cup Cocktail
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