How to Tackle Tinder for Lesbians

Tinder. It’s a dirty word Most lesbians who have been single at some point in the past 3 years know of this app but not everyone wants to admit openly to using it. No one wants to open it whilst on a busy train, where any stranger can judge you by looking over your shoulder.
Lesbian Tinder
The only acceptable time to use it is when you’re on your own in a dark, dark room.

So if you’ve been living in a cult for all of your single life, having only dreamt of dating a girl that isn’t one of your relatives, here’s some hints and tips and do’s and don’ts of Tinder and the lesbian dating game.
Lesbian Tinder Do’s
1. Do read the profile before swiping right. we have all been given the offer to be someone’s sub…no? Oh. We understand that there are different strokes for different folks but take the time out to briefly read that 2 second preview, save your thumb time for some other ladiezzzz.

2. Do put more than one picture of yourself up. This is a dating app for people to judge you on the way you look, play the game, no one trusts someone with one photo. No. One.

3. Do tidy your room before any date. We’re not saying that a date will lead to coitus but in the words of scar from lion prepared!

4. Do tell your mates where you’re going and if you plan on having a sleepover. It’s always good to stay safe and we all like a confidence boost by getting a virtual high five from our group on whatsapp.

Lesbian Tinder Don’ts
1. Don’t be a space invader. No one can deny those crisps are delicious but no one likes a person encroaching on their personal space when you’ve only just met. Read the signs.

2. Don’t have any gym selfies. Yeah it’s great you keep fit but no one wants to see you flexing in front of a mirror. For those that are that self obsessed keep that to your own wank bank.

3. Don’t have your notifications on whilst on a date. If you’re talking to/dating more than one person (player!) turn them off otherwise it could lead to some awkwardness and you sleeping alone that night.

4. Don’t use snapchat filters on your pictures. No one wants to see what you look like as a cat. Happy swiping. x