ĎThe London lookíÖ.in LondonÖin Winter?!

With the Winter winds, and the unpredictable rain/hailstones/rain/snow episodes that bestow upon us between Nov Ė Jan, it can feel like an impossible task to retain, and maintain, that ĎLondon lookí. We were determined not to reside to the prospect of yet another Winter, suffering from chapped lips, dry pale skin, and coarse sandpaper hands (who wants to hold one of those girls!) and have put together a list of Winter beauty essentials to survive these harsh times ahead. Freshí morning / Fresh face This is a new try for me, in terms of exfoliator. In my†beauty regime I usually stick with what I know (Sanctuary Radiance Exfoliator), but Iím happy I made the brave move as its fab. With the daily commuter battle and the 40mph winds blowing all sorts in your face as you weave your way through the London masses, itís important to scrub that day away, and leave your face from impurities and feeling soft and new. NIP + FAB

Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Scrub | £6.59†

Are you not feeling well type of pale? Dark eyes, pale skin, winter blues. You know the score girls. Unless you sunbed throughout Winter (which we wouldnít recommend) then we all end up looking pale and washed out. I tend to use a tinted moisturiser to get around this. I choose tinted moisturiser as I donít like the feeling of much make up sitting on my face, and it looks natural. Iíve used this example before, but I canít speak more highly of it! Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser | £34

Dehydrated? 2 litres of water a day is equally as important in my mind as face hydration! Thick moister quench cream is needed during the cold months. You donít want to look shrivelled up like a prune! Give this a go. It feels like a real treat. HydraQuench Cream Normal to Dry Skin

Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel | £36

Trout pout protection There are NO excuses for chapped lips girls. Remember this note, if your lips are dry, itís your body screaming that you need some H20! Drink water in abundance and keep those lips moisturised using a lip balm. I keep it simple by using Blistex through Winter, I honestly havenít found one other product (and I have tried a LOT that works better for me) that works better for me, and you have the added bonus that it can help prevent cold sores! Blistex Relief Cream

Blistex Relief Cream | £2.69

Pamper party must have One of my favourite products to use in my routine is a facial oil. Nothing hydrates and helps my skin look brighter than this bad boy. Apply this at the end of your routine, I tend to of an evening (when Iím planning on staying in) as it is oil so attempting to put make up on soon after may be a bit of a battle! I have my favourite but you should try a few and see which works best for you. Sanctuary therapists secret facial oil

Sanctuary therapists secret facial oil | £17.50

When youíre on the lookout for your new Winter wardrobe make sure you bear these in mind and be sure to fix up your Winter routine as well. Thatís an order! Nonchalant London x