Nonchalant ~ Your Autumn Beauty Regime Sorted

Your Autumn Beauty Regime Sorted

Yes, we are now in September, and yes Autumn is creeping up on us…but that is NO excuse to push your beauty regime aside or adorn oneself in baggy clothes. The Xfactor may have started, but it is still Summer ladies, so get yourselves out there!!

Here are some of this month’s must-haves/dos to keep you looking fresh for the last of Summer!

Head, shoulders, knees and toes:

1) Hair

Whether you’ve been lucky enough to spend time out in the sun this summer or not, we all suffer from frazzled split ends. Combat your unwanted frizzy bits with these rescue remedies. Pick a pamper night and slather (yes I used that word) your hair in one of these luscious hair treatments:

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer | John Lewis | £30

On a budget? Do not fret. Any Argan oil product is a hair must have:

2) Face

DIY Face Peel (say what?!)
A growing trend in South Korea, ‘aqua peels’ – like this one – work to eliminate dead surface cells while infusing your skin with precious moisture. You can use it on dry trouble spots, or as a part of a monthly ‘new me’ regime.

Marinecomplex exfloilator | Yoon Dermaline | £50

Face Balm (a fancy new-age word for a moisturiser to you and me). These products tend to be richer than your usual cream moisturisers. They are great for your skin and simply melt into your skin leaving you with an amazing healthy glow even with makeup on.
Bamford Botanic Nurture Balm | Liberty London | £22

3) Eyes

Eye cream is essential to any skincare regime, but finding a good one can be tough. Check out the few top picks we’ve chosen below which covers thicker creams to lighter gel-like formulas.
Top tip: Never rub in any eye product, instead use your ring finger to delicately tap it in.
Rich & Creamy Products:
Eve Lom | SpaceNK | £48
Lightweight Product:
Clinique pep-start | Boots | £22

 4) Body

Use this amazing product daily to keep your body looking smooth and beautiful

Garnier Body Ultimate Blends Nourishing Lotion | Boots | £2.99

Everyone needs a treat every now and again! We recommend you indulge with this beautiful but body soufflé

AmbreVanille Souffle Body Crème | Laura Mercier | £45

5) Feet

Lastly, but not least, we can’t forget our tootsies! No one
likes an un-kept foot!
Clarisonic Pedi-Balm | SpaceNK | £11

Enjoy!! x

Cara Martin
Cara Martin