Beauty Vlogger – Alexandra Walsh Interview


This week we’ve had the pleasure of speaking toInstagram Makeup Artist slash Youtube Vlogger Alexandra Walsh. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Alex has gathered quite a few keen followers on social media and we wanted in. She’s swung by†our online studio to have a chat with us about what’s going down (under)†in her life at the moment.†#sorrynotsorryfortheterribleozrelatedjoke.

1- Hi Alex and welcome to Nonchalant London. Are you prepped for this? I sure am

2- So, let’s start from the beginning, when did you get into the makeup thing? I started getting into makeup at such a young age and had a collection of 100 nail polishes by the age of five. I used to watch my mother do her makeup before she went out and thought it was beautiful when my dad would tell her how beautiful she looked. I loved painting in school and it translated to makeup when I got a bit older and experimented with different colours and looks.

3- Do you have a favourite brand of makeup? I have loads! I have favourites from each catagory from foundation I canít live without Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk.

4- Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to set up shop as a makeup artist? Just donít think too much about it and have confidence in your work. Itís good to have a chat with your client before hand and see what it is thay they like. My clients see what my style is and know they arenít going to get a wild over the top glam. I think itís important to know what youíre good at and make that your mark.

5- We hear you loved the store Boots following one of your trips to the UK? Do tell… I AM OBSESSED! I would book a trip just to visit that shop. No 7 has such amazing mascaras and I could spend all day in there.

6- After spending time in England…. What’s your English accent like? Haha I can pull it off quite well. It changes from country to Irish but you get the point.

7- We are quite fond of your style,where do you get your clothing inspo from? I wear a lot of black, I think because when I look at other people Iím more drawn to people that wear dark colours. I feel it makes you appreciate their face more and you notice other things about the person other than what theyíre wearing. Zoe kravitz is someone who I always look at and love what she wears.

8-† As we all know Christmas is coming up, how do you celebrate in Oz? Can you cook a turkey on a barbecue? Is that even a thing? Haha I hate turkey! But thereís nothing better than family time and prawns are a must.

9- Letís move on… You seem pretty loved up right now, how did you guys meet? We spoke first as friends and met in person at a bar and since that moment we made each other laugh and were together since we had our first date.

10- Youíve been really open about your sexuality in the past, but lets be honest do you miss tits? Tits are great and itís even better when your partner helps you spot a good pair out in public and you can have a perve together.

11- Hahaha, so are you coming to the UK any time soon? I would love to go to the UK again in 2018 I love Bristol and would love to visit Manchester one day!


Enjoyed reading this? See more of Alex on instagram @_alexwalsh Thanks Al for taking the time to speak to us, keep killing it.

Team NL x