Nonchalant ~ Bar Elba- Another London rooftop bar you won’t want to miss

Bar Elba- Another London rooftop bar you won’t want to miss

bar elba

Even though the winter is fast approaching there’s a rooftop bar, Bar Elba, that we feel you should definitely visit before the cold nights creep up on us (we’re over halfway through September and it’s 20 degrees, so get to it)

Essential deets


Rooftop (obvs)

Mercury House

109-117 Waterloo Road



2-4-1 cocktails, Perona Rossi and glasses of Prosecco- between 5pm and 7pm – EVERY. DAY. OF. THE. WEEK.

bar elba

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Reserve a table for £25, redeemable on drinks- request under the shelter.
There’s heat lamps keeping you warm on those less sunny days…(they’re open for Christmas too..oooo toasty)

This bar is based on Napoleons exile onto an island called….. Elba, he took 600 mates (he was more loveable than we thought then) and his horse.

To get here, make your way through hoards of commuters (get your elbows out), climb the many steps, and when you get to the top let the gentle breeze sweep away the beads of sweat (we hope it’s gentle) and cool yourself down with a cocktail.

bar elba

This bar is instagram heaven, it’s got some wicked stencil graffiti and the cocktails aren’t bad looking either. This big open space is perfect for after work drinks with your pals and close enough to central London for you to use this as a pre- drink location. Or you could take a little slice for a fit drink when the sun goes down and appreciate the London skyline.

So bring some mates and come to this awesome bar for a few well deserved drinks after work (or at the weekend) we suggest you leave your horse outside however, it might be bit of a struggle to lead it up all the steps)

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Christine Babicz
Christine Babicz