Where to eat this Valentine’s Day

There is taking someone out for dinner, and then there is taking someone OUT for dinner! Know what I’m saying!? Lucky for you, we’ve got a list of 7 top restaurants in London to choose from this Valentine’s Day.
Dinner dates don’t have to be expensive and swanky (unless you’ve got a HM girlfriend, unlucky), but they also shouldn’t be boring & predictable! You need to think outside the box and keep her on her toes.

To help, we’ve pulled together some of our faveLondon resetaurantsthat will step change your dating game and will turn your bog standard meal for two into something that will surpass expectations (and will be deserving of an Instagram selfie for sure!)

1) Gordon’s Wine Bar | Embankment

Ok yes, we know it’s not a restaurant, but it IS a great first date location. Great wine, cheese sharing platters, natter-natter-natter. You get the drift! With its dim, and moody atmosphere, it’s a great first / second meet to make eyes at each other over a Cabernet Sav.


2) Duck and Waffle | Liverpool Street

Take her for late night or early morning duck and waffle at the Duck and Waffle!
What’s not to like. You can go at any time of the day, the food is amazing, the views are incredible, and she’ll leave feeling on a high! (That’s punny but true!)

3)La Bodega Negra | Soho

What says romance more so than the cellar of a neon sex shop? The sheer thrill of being greetedby amannequin in a PVC gimp mask is enough to impress anyone! This place is dark, loud and has a seedy vibe but is brilliant. The food is another level of Mexican cuisine, better than your regularchicken tacos! There are a few downsides to be aware of:
1) Book well in advance. It’s extremely popular.
2) 2-hour table limit (however you can decamp to the bar and sample the wide range of amazing cocktails!)
3) Portions are smaller than your usual Mexican restaurant.

4) Sketch | Mayfair

If you’re not afraid to splash out a tad, then Sketch definitely has the wow factor. The food is a blend of fusions stretching across Japanese, Italian, British, and all underpinned with French cuisine. (I know right?!) in terms of restaurant surroundings, you almost feel like you are in an art gallery as the walls are adorned with childlike sketches (get it?!) by David shrigley. The toilets are also very cool (we’ll let you discover that one out when you visit!). Whoever you take here will leave feeling spoilt rotten.


5) The Piano Works | Farringdon

This place has a little bit of everything to satisfy the perfect date. Party, piano, food, and drinks. You can request a song to be played by the live pianistto accompany your meal, and the dude will play pretty much anything! This place has a really upbeat, fun vibe, so if you’re looking for some quiet and romantic one on one time then this is defos not appropriate! If on the other hand you’re looking for something different and exciting with good food and cocktail choices then this is a sure cert ladies.


6)The Gate |Islington

If you are a veggie, or you’re dating one, then The Gate in Islingtonis perfect. A classy vegetarian restaurant is so hard to come by, however this one ticks all boxes. It’s perfect for a nice dinner date out and you don’t have to worry about there being something on the menu for those pesky non meat eaters (that’s not an innuendo) because everything is veggie on the menu and gourmet. Book a table, it gets busy due to there being hardly any f-ing veggie restaurants in London. There’s no gimmicks with this one, just two words – gourmet and veggie.

7) Pix | Covent Garden

Pix is an interesting choice for us – the reason being is it isn’t really something you’d book to look flashy…it’s more of a fun and quirky alternative (not that we try to look flashy, cough). Pix is basically Spanish tapas however the fun part is that you go to a buffet area (stay with us) and select all of the food that you want. The food comes on cocktail sticks and at the end of the night you then pay for the amount of cocktail sticks you have (fuuun!). Price of food is indicated by the size of cocktail stick, either large or small (there’s only two sizes so you don’t have to be great at maths, bonus!). We find it pretty fun and it’s a good environment for sharing food and trying new things. The other cute thing about Pix is that the tables are tiny and against the walls which makes it a cosy experience.

Some final advice for you, if you’re going to ask a girl out to dinner – pay the bill babes, you look like a chump if not, and if she’s a keeper she’ll take you out and pay for it next time round.

Happy (and hopefully successful) dating girls!

NL x

Ps…Got an awesome restaurant in mind? Share it with us and we’ll check it out.