London Coffee Festival 2017 A Short Guide

    This weekend it is the London Coffee Festival 2017, we let you know the details in this London Coffee Festival 2017 A Short Guide and what we are looking forward to doing.  

What’s the craic

This event is the place to be next weekend if we judge it by last years figures, 30,488 coffee mad and industry professionals visited the brewery. You can bet there were a few more hats and beards than usual around brick lane that weekend. It’s set to be just as popular this year too. The festival will feature over 250 artisan coffee, with tastings (as many as your heart palpitations can take) and demos from world- class baristas (you sure will be wired by the end of the day) gourmet food stalls, interactive workshops, street food, coffee-based cocktails (you’ll find us by the bar), live music, DJs, art exhibitions and a shit ton more. So there’s a lot going on, here’s a few things that caught our beady eyes;  

Latte Art Live

Clog up your Instagram with your snaps of impressive latte art skills and learn how to create Insta ready art for your coffee at home with Latte Art Live. It is an interactive zone dedicated to the highly popular (understatement) skill of latte art. So rather than you spending money on getting an SCAE qualification just do this…pretty sure it’s the same thing, right? It’s a series of 35 minute hands-on workshops and demonstrations with some of the world’s best latte artists to learn the techniques and skills needed to create jaw-dropping masterpieces. The exciting four-day programme will also include daily latte art throwdowns, oooooooooo. Workshops by Ozone Coffee Roasters If you forget what you’ve learnt because you’re too busy being mesmerised by all that you are being shown, don’t fear…Ozone Coffee Roasters who will be providing the variety of coffees for the Latte Art live, they have also partnered up with London Coffee Festival to offer a series of latte art tutorial videos, so if you wanted go check them out now and be really impressive on the day with your knowledge. Ozone tutorial videos  Ozone will also be hosting a series of live tutorials on the Latte Art main stage throughout the festival.  

Coffee Masters

Competition gets Sasha Fierce when Coffee Masters sees 20 baristas come head to head showing their skills when it comes to all the skills (there are actually quite a few guys) that come into making that perfect brew. Their skills will be judged by a panel of industry figureheads as they battle it out in this knockout competition.  The disciplines they will be judged on are: Cupping, Brewing, Latte Art, The Order and The Signature Drink, with The Espresso Blend being included for those who successfully make it to the Coffee Masters semi-finals. Exciting stuff.  

Home Barista Workshops

That’s right, so after you’ve learnt all that Latte Art business, get yourself down to the La Marzocco kitchen where they will be running Home Barista Workshops. You can learn how to make the perfect espresso (before you put all your lovely latte art in it) as well as other skills to impress  in half an hour. This will set you back just £5 (which will be a donation that goes to Project Waterfall a charity, how nice of you!)  

The Factory

every year with the growing popularity of the Festival they provide something new to entice you along. This year is no exception with The Factory. It is an area dedicated to the art of cupping and roasting and named after The Factory in Copenhagen, a roaster and lab that houses a Loring smart coffee roaster. For the duration of the Coffee Festival the Loring smart coffee roaster will be there. Guest roasters will be dropping by to use the technology which will provide visitors cupping and roasting demos. This will also include talks by Patrik Rolf Karlsson (kind of a big deal in the coffee world) on ‘Roasting For Yourself or Roasting For Your Customers,’ and you will be able to drop into talks by the team behind Falcon Coffees also don’t forget to pre-book your cupping and roasting sessions with pretty much all the industry hot shots (and we aren’t talking about your coffee): •    Caravan Coffee Roasters •    Nordic Approach •    April Coffee Roasters •    Taylor St. Baristas •    Climpson & Sons •    The Roasting Party •    Pact Coffee •    Assembly Coffee Roaster If coming away from a Coffee Festival knowing all there needs to know about coffee sounds like something you would be interested in, look below to find out all the deets you need to know;


15 Hanbury Street, The Old Truman Brewery, London E1 6QR  


Thursday the 6th April until Sunday 9th April. Thursday 6th April and Friday 7th/Trade only Friday 7th – 4pm-10pm Saturday 8th- 10am-1pm/1pm-4pm/4pm-9pm Sunday 9th – 10am-1pm/1pm- 4pm/4pm- 7pm  


£16.50 online £22.50 on the door V.I.P tickets are available for £45.00 full day online, £65 on the door.


London Coffee Festival Home Have a butchers at this If you like your coffee and want to check out a few places in London why not have a look at our coffee shop guide;