Londonís Women-Run Boutique Techno Nights

Ever since Fabric closed last year, and reopened again after a long and painful fight this year, a lot of new projects have been popping up in the London nightlife.

What happened to Fabric was essential to reevaluate Londonís club culture as a whole. Not just Fabric was under attack, but all of Londonís club culture was. And while we were fighting here, the city of Berlin made their techno cathedral Berghain an official cultural institution?ó?in Berlin going to a club where you listen to music is seen equally as stimulating as going to the opera.

Fabric was the last nail in the coffin, and even though they were able to win back their license, something significant changed and the nightlife as we knew it, at Fabric and other places, slowly faded away.

When one door closes, another usually opens: Londonís underground techno scene for example has been thriving and buzzing like never before. We have picked three of the most exciting female-run boutique techno nights that you should definitely know of, and visit yourself.



Koodetais Londonís first techno night for women in a German sausage factory in Hackney Wick. With immense attention to detail, the women who run Koodeta have created a party theyíd always wanted to go to, but couldnít find anywhere: A vibing space for women to dance with other women to hard industrial techno. Within just a year Koodeta has become one of Londonís most intimate underground techno nights. With 100% female line-ups, a world class Funktion One sound system and a no picture policy theyíve established themselves as a credible techno destination?ó?for women only! Their one year anniversary is coming up in early November with a ton of surprises including a Secret Guest DJ and much more!


Body Techno Night

BODY is a female-run, LGBTQ+ event bringing the post-punk and industrial influenced electronic music genre from the 80ís called EBM (electronic body music) back into our lives. At this event guests are encouraged ďto leave their bodyĒ. BODYís recent launch came with a strong line up featuring artists such as SARIN, Parrish Smith & MVSB. Faux Naif, who warmed up the night, is also one of the women running the night. We even had guests travel from as far as Paris to not miss this well curated line-up. The crowd and vibes were on point from the start, BODY celebrates itís non binary mission where women, men, and more could just be themselves without any judgment. Soon enough it got sexy, and in the spirit of Ďleaving your bodyí we saw an exciting amount of body on body action on the dance floor. We loved the music, felt safe and stimulated throughout.



Synthapise is a combination of the word Synth, an electronic musical instrument and Empathise, which is a unique trait that allow us to understand the feelings of one another. This project is a non-profit music event which brings people together for a night of spreading positive energy whilst at the same time raising awareness for individual causes. Last month Synthapise launched with an intimate night, featuring a big line-up supporting the best underground and local London artists.

ďI started Synthapise to not only raise money for individual causes but also to raise continued awareness. Being a techno loving vegan my first eventís focus is on the animals.Ē?ó?Tonia, the woman behind this thoughtful project raised over £1000 with her launch night.

There is so much more to share about these projects, but this should be enough to get you curious to want to experience them yourself. All of these nights are safe and friendly spaces for women that donít compromise on mind altering techno nights.†All events have built what so many big promoters and clubs these days fail to take care of: a loving, respectful and friendly vibe in which we as women can feel safe and embraced.