Museums in London you will want to visit

When you think of museums what springs to mind? A big open space with pretentious people staring intently at a paperclip trying to understand what the artist is expressing/wanting to express? Yeah that shit isn’t for us either. Here’s a few museums you might like instead…   Grant Museum of Zoology Rockefeller Building, University College London, 21 University Street, London WC1E 6DE Free   As you walk in to this small-ish (yeah, we listen to My Dad Wrote a Porno too) room with high ceilings, next to the UCL, you set eyes upon a lot of†wooden, windowed cupboards and drawers which you can imagine are full to the brim†with all kinds of interesting and mysterious things.†In the cupboards there’s preserved rodents of all types, lizards and snakes in jars, extinct animal skulls, fish and all sorts of forgotten and extinct wonders. There’s even a couple of walls which they have lit up of microscopic†living things!†This place is like a Victorian Scientists wet dream, marvel at all the many many collections. You ever seen a jar of preserved moles?†Quagga skeleton? Dodo bones?†Well you will here.† You even get to†ADOPT a specimen, which means your name tag is on it, people could be marvelling at your Badger… (actually we cant remember if there is one of those, but it was too good to miss) But even better, as the museum is free for all, you will be supporting them by giving money for your chosen specimen.     MuseumsSir John Soane Museum 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3BP Free That’s right, this museum used to be a guys house, see below for the History bit; Sir John Sloane was an Architect who bought three houses, making them one. He lived and used them to keep his collections for other Architect students to use. When he died he asked for his house to be kept exactly as it was on his death, and so it stands 180 years on. You will be amazed and awed at how much stuff can fit into this house (if you think you’re a hoarder, you ain’t got nothing on this guy, although this is all decent stuff, not your used Beano from 1995)†AND the beauty of it! There’s a room which practically unfolds, showing different paintings.     Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret 9a St. Thomas Street, London SE1 9RY £6.50 Hidden in the roof of St Thomas’ Church This placed opened in 1822 for women to be operated on, the operating theatre provided some sound proofing.††Before that they were operated on in the ward…. imagine the noise of pain (a Physicians stick is on display elsewhere which has teeth marks in it, as it was used to bit down on, you can look at when you leave the theatre) The operations were often conducted without anaesthetics under the watchful eye of many students. The operating theatre itself is as if it were back when women were being operated on. It is an oval shape with high stalls all around†for people to stand on and watch over proceedings with a wooden bed amongst the†operating theatre†in the middle at the bottom. If you can’t imagine which operating tools they used, then have a look when you leave the theatre at the various ‘torture’ instruments for amputation. As the name would suggest this place isn’t just about†operating, it also has herbal remedies, things in jars for other ailments such as hysteria…as well as some organs preserved in jars.     The Postal Museum– Mail Rail (opens 4th September, tickets sold from 13th July) 15-20 Phoenix Place London WC1X 0DA £16.00 Ok so the name might not inspire much enthusiasm, but hold on, they have a Mail Rail!! A Mail Rail people! This museum is quite new, only opening on the 28th July, you will have to wait for what we think is the most exciting part though, the train. (Is that just our inner geek? Or are you as happy about this as us?) Like your immersive theatre? immerse yourself in this. it’s real though, this 100 year old, 20 minute train journey. You will experience the lives of those who worked on it by seeing and hearing from them. after all that excitement check out the museum if you want to learn some other stuff. Got an eye for all things beautiful? Check out our post on some some pretty cool pieces of art here.