Nonchalant ~ Netflix Series ‘You Me Her’

Netflix Series ‘You Me Her’

A must watch Netflix series – ‘You, Me, Her’ – a new age rom-com with a twist…..

Netflix has produced yet another cracker of a series in the form of ‘You Me Her’. In a nutshell, this is a series based on a modern twist to the classic romantic comedy. A ‘polyromantic comedy’ some might say…. two girls, one guy….

Interested? Well, let us tell you more….

Netflix - You Me Her

Husband and wife (Jack & Emma) have hit a brick wall when it comes to life, marriage, and sexy time – enter in a neophyte escort, Izzy, and watch as their relationship spins into a whirlwind three-way sexual affair.

With continuous humour running throughout the series and some hot lesbian sex scenes to feast your eyes on, we don’t see why this wouldn’t be up everyone’s street.

The first series is ready for you to binge on – that’s 10 half-hour episodes to crack on with – a good solid day viewing. Perfectly normal behaviour we say and great for hangovers. And if you enjoy the first series the second is due to be readily available very very soon.

We hope you enjoy

NL x

Nat Murray
Nat Murray