New Disney Film to Feature First Gay Character

The hotly anticipated Beauty & The Beast remake will feature Disney’s first ever gay character. Progress.

Disney First Gay Character

People it’s finally here – the Walt Disney movie adaptation of Beauty & The Beast. An absolute classic from many a childhood.

The cast list is packed full of our favourite stars with the Brits flying the flag in force – Emma Watson (cherished amongst Potter lovers) as the beautiful Belle and Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey favourite) portraying the iconic role of The Beast. With Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, Luke Evans in the role of Gaston, Ewan McGregor takes on Lumiere and the amazing Emma Thompson delivers Mrs. Potts.

What more could you want….well actually the cherry on the cake in this live-action remake goes to Disney featuring their FIRST EVER gay character – LeFou! They have called it their first ‘exclusively gay moment’. Come on Disney representing LGBT – that’s what we like to see!

A must see movie for March – treat yo-self.

UK Release Date – 17th March 2017

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