New Lesbian Film – Disobedience

So, brill news pals! We’ve heard through the grape vine (Okay, the Daily Mail Online) that the lovely Rachel McAdams is currently in London shooting for the new lesbian film – Disobedience, which isbased on the original 2006 novelbyNaomi Alderman.Rachel McAdams is staring along side Rachel Weisz in this new adaptation of the original story line – awoohoo. New lesbian film - Disobedience

New Lesbian Film – Disobedience Story Line:

In a nutshell the storyline of the bookis about a young womanwho returns home due to a death in the family. When home she rekindles a long lost relationship (romantic relationship) with her best friend, who is also a bird – hooray. Thisof course kicks up a shit storm because it’s a Jewish community and the friend is married to her male cousin…Sounds like standard lesbian drama to us, but none the less a bloody good story line that one would like to watch and welcome to the lesbian film shelf (which in general is quite bleak, so we welcome this new film with open arms). As they are shooting it right now it won’t be released in a while obvs but watch this space gals. Cheers, NL x