ORANGE. It’s the new black. Apparently …


| O R A N G E I S T H E N E W B L A C K |

Any self respecting lesbian should know this and have heard of the infamous acronym OITNB. Fact. If Palex and Litchfield mean nothing more to you than dodgy sounding STI meds you need to sit down and have a long hard think about your sexuality.After a long year the series that’s redefined stereotypical lesbian shows and had us all hankering for more has returned and it all starts now. _
Not only does OITNB show cast some qual acting and total hotties, it’s diverse cast and varied storylines have proven you can have a lesbian focused show not just about every woman shacking up and cheating… although there is some of that. It also refrains from any really cheesy 90s porn esque music in the background, relief. Instead it features a particularly awesome theme tune, “you’ve got time” by Regina Spektor … although it does feel never ending, don’t you think? Just one verse is sufficient, no need to play the entire song. Anyway, we’ve all lovedevery moment of series 1-4, which featured profound, relevant issues such as black lives matter and the difficulties faced by all women serving prison sentences OITNB is relevant for everyone. We cannot wait to see what beholds us in the next 13 glorious episodes.
So cancel some plans, not all of them (don’t dick over your friends) and get prepped for some serious binging of the viewing kind.
If you’re the kinda gal who’s back to backedseries 5 already and want to fill a gap in your life, feast your eyes on You, Me and Her. Another Netflix ace.
Happy watching.
NL x

PS Just incase you didn’t know, Netflix have confirmed seasons 6 & 7.