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Psycle London is a boutique fitness class, offering Ride, Hiit, Yoga and Barre classes on a pay and go basis. Meaning no joining or admin fees. Yes. Simply sign up here and slap down dirty cash in exchange for credits which can then be redeemed against chosen classes. Simple. Started in 2014 in Canary Wharf, Psycle has grown to epic proportions, branching out to Mortimer Street and Shoreditch with over 5000 riders per week.
Psycle is hosted by dedicated, experienced and passionate instructors who push clients to their full potential through out each and every class. Psycle is also home to the Energy Kitchen, providing super tasty smoothies, shakes and cold pressed juices which fuel both body and mind. These delights can be pre ordered and are rich in nutrients and packed with ingredients which boost health and energy levels.  We gave Psycle a go. We loved it.



Get ready to ride, maximum input, minimal impact ride classes which are a pure 45, 60 or 90 minute sweat fest. Ride classes are designed to give the body a workout by using sprinting, jogging, climbing and intervals. Sessions are aimed to tone and strengthen all muscles, meaning no gigantic calf muscles or bulging glutes. Ride sessions incorporate choreography and weights and focus on riding together in sync with the music rather than racing or continuously riding to RPMs.

Music is a big thing at Psycle and sessions are busting with shit hot tunes with beats from hip hop, electronic, house, rock and RNB. Ride sessions fill the soul with group energy, instructor passion and just so, so, SO many endorphins to set each and every rider up for the day. Complete a morning session to be ready for whatever the day brings. Well, almost everything. No one will ever be ready for the HM ex.


Signing Up

Signing up for sessions is EZ. Simply login to Psycle, choose a ride class location, time and duration as well as selecting a bike number and the rest is history. For those that are a dab hand at cycling and already own a pair of LOOK KEO or SPD hire will not be necessary. For everyone else who doesn’t know what the fuck a cleated shoe is, the hire of these is free. On arrival the said shoes are handed over as is a reminder of the allocated bike. Not that you will spend much time on it. It’s a good idea for newbies to arrive slightly earlier for the first session so instructors can demonstrate how to adjust equipment and advise on the clipping in (and out) of pedals.


High Intensity Interval Training other than sounding like what the majority of thumbs do on Tinder, is a powerful workout combining traditional circuits, metabolic training and resistance work. Classes use a variety of interval training techniques to gain maximum metabolic benefits. There’s a mix of TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) Kettle Bells, Plyometrics (quick tension and release of muscles) Body Weight Exercises and Calisthenics (big motor movements, like running on the spot) and the pain is endured for 50 minutes.


Psycle choose to mix BARRE up and use a fast paced method to go through a number of challenging combinations in order to strengthen, lengthen and tone the bod. 55 mins of tucking, (slut) dropping, shaking, squeezing and pulsing is going to get anyone wetter than an otter’s pocket.


Expecting a babe? No problem. Barre can be a great form of low impact exercise, just let instructors know about the said babeh and provide a physican’s note and to step aboard the Barre train.


Legend has it more people do yoga in London than there are rats in the city. Ok ok, so that’s not a legend at all but Yoga is pretty common place. Ever wondered why it’s just so popular? Not only does it strengthen muscles, restore balance and release tension, it also allows an opening of the mind and an appreciation for the ‘now’. Psycle run four different yoga sessions…

Fix Legs & Hips
This sequence comes in 60 and 75 min sessions, focusing on working out the lower body. Working muscles from the hips down to strengthen and elongate legs.

Fix Core, Chest & Back
Strangely enough focusing on the chest, back and shoulders. Feel the fire through the core and increase upper body strength. Waist up workout using the abs, arms, chest and back.

The Full Fix
Join the 90 minute sequence which combines all of the body to strengthen and tone to release tension and increase length. Plenty of variations and progressions no matter what your level, there’s a pose to push all. An amazing release for the body as well as the mind.

Fix It Beginners
New to yoga? Try the ‘Yoga Fix’ for a six week beginners course. Classes will introduce the initial sequences, postures and movements whilst teaching the correct alignment.

What’s the deal with the shower situation?

Towels are provided for free, as are a plastic bag to contain those sweat infested slicks. Hop into hot, powerful showers and submerge in the yummy Sachajuan products provided by Psycle. The changing rooms are fully stocked with almost everything a femme could need to take on the world. And yes, hair driers and straighteners are accounted for so kiss goodbye to any flyaway hair post workout.

What about lockers?

The changing rooms contain an array of free lockers therefore forget the hassle of finding a cash point and buying something random and unnecessary at 6:00am. Or having to source a padlock. Or just risking exposing your whole life in an unlocked locker, shudder.

What about cancelling a class?

Psycle have a 12 hour cancellation policy. Credits will be refunded if cancel the booking 12 hours or more before the start time of the class.  For more info about cancellations go here

Happy Psycling
NL x

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