Nonchalant ~ 10 things to do on Valentine’s Day for single lesbians

10 things to do on Valentine’s Day for single lesbians

Roses are red, violets are blue, Valentine’s Day can go suck itself and choke on it too. Ok, maybe slightly harsh, but being alone on the dreaded VD can be tough.. right?! It’s like “kick em when they’re down” in February, what with having to cope with unwanted “words of wisdom” from married Mandy in the office “It will happen when you stop looking” AND the constant tirade of over the top and quite frankly predictable, boring social media updates “OH MY GAWD…. we got engaged!!!!!” YEH COS THAT’S ORIGINAL.

Valentine’s Day smug is inevitably going to infiltrate your entire body and pump it full with the dull ache of loneliness unless…… unless you grab hold of that sweet shining single spade and dig your fine ass out of that shit pit.

It is time to flip Valentine’s Day on it’s head.

Not only is London an amazing place to be.

It’s one of the BEST places to be when you’re single.

10 things to do on Valentine’s Day for single lesbians:

1) Love Stinks Let’s Drink 

Nordic Bar, Fitzrovia,

14th Feb

No fee

Happy Hour is from 5-7

Get off your tits on Jelly shots if you book for 6 or more.


2) Speed Dating

  Bar SOHO

  14th Feb


  Women only

  Few places remaining

  Embrace it

Lesbian speed dating tickets here >


3) Pizza Making Dating

  Like speed dating, with pizza

  16th Feb


  Women only

  Pizza Express , Bruton Place

4) Mint Event on 11th Feb

Vinyl, 2-3 Old Change Court, ‘A Beautiful Mess’

£12/ £15 on the door

Women only club night

Mix and mingle like no tomorrow

View our events page for more information!


 5) Join a Running Club

  Walking like John Wayne the next day get Mandy to pipe down.

 Check out Runner’s Guide to London to find out more.


6) Volunteer Opportunities:

 Spread some happiness on 14th Feb with these volunteering opportunities;

  • Breast Cancer

Team London are looking for bucket collectors to raise money for breast cancer care at Waterloo Station.

Head over to the website for more info.


  • Help the homeless

Go give out chocolate and tea to homeless people from 6:30pm

Click here for more info


7) Educate yourself in some healthy debating on Valentines Day

Watch the Webinar on Drugs. Does Punishment Work?

Register and watch here


8) Celebrate LGBT on Valentines Weekend

Go along to the LGBT Fest at Clapham Common where performances will  celebrate 50 Years since the Sexual Offences Act of 1967.

See here for all the info

9) Geeks are hot, get involved with a Book Club

  Take your dog to the dog friendly screening of The Lady and The Tramp at The Book Club, Shoreditch

  £6 per human and dog, additional dogs are free of charge

Whilst you’re there, sign up to be part of the Book Club and get sniffing the musty smell of pungent pages

Info here >

10) If all else fails, get some cats?

Visit the Battersea Cattery and enjoy a free glass of bubbly.

Women love cats.

Most women.

You never know who you may bump into.



Enjoy, let us know what you got up to!


NL x

Jem Thomas
Jem Thomas

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