Vibrate Worldwide – East London Lesbian Night

We caught up with the girls behind the new East London lesbian event night – Vibrate Worldwide.
With their next night lined up for the 31st March 2017, we were keen to catch up with the team behind this new lesbian event night. See our question and answer session with the Vibrate team below and be sure to read more about their up and coming event on our event calendar >
East london Lesbian night


Who runs the night? Vibrate is run by 4 women from different parts of the world who met and became friends in London. Together, Shantel, a Graphic Designer from Birmingham (UK), Nat, a Business Manager from Auckland (New Zealand), Jane, a Digital Producer also from Auckland and Tayylor Made, a DJ/Producer from Washington DC (USA) make up Team Vibrate. When did Vibrate start? We threw our first official Vibrate party in November 2016 at The Alibi in Dalston, but the culture, sound and environment that Vibrate represents and encourages really started to form through our notorious house parties. Why did you start Vibrate? Creating a party like Vibrate is an idea we have had in our minds for some time now. All of us in Team Vibrate feel no shame in saying we love to party, and our house parties over the past few years have been a highlight of our time in London. Although there are a lot of great parties for women out there, we felt there wasn’t one quite like the DIY parties we like to throw. Also, trashing our houses and pissing off our landlords is not sustainable so we decided to create Vibrate and bring the house party to the club. What makes Vibrate different from other lesbian nights? Our parties are different largely because of the diverse, free and fun kinds of women we attract and the inclusiveness we strive for which makes for a very unique atmosphere. The types of music we play at our parties also definitely set us apart adding a focus on current club hits and underground music that you cannot find at other lesbian event nights. We also strive to go the extra mile in creating unique content for those who come to our parties from the special Vibrate remixes we create to the merch we give to our Vibe Squad. We work hard to give women something special with Vibrate. What’s the vibe of the night and who is it aimed at? The vibe of our night replicates and builds on the turnt house parties we’ve had over the years. Our house parties were all about women, crazy fun, diversity, being yourself and hearing the kind of music we love but rarely get to hear at most lesbian parties. So we’ve combined that with a basement club, great sound system and sick dJs - it’s lit. Vibrate is aimed at girls of all types who like girls and love to party, be free, meet fun, new people and listen to sick music. What can people expect from the night? You can expect a madddd turnup with tons of girls and sick music. It will be a night to remember…even if vaguely, depending on alcohol intake. How often does Vibrate take place and where?  For the time being, we plan to throw consistent parties without limiting Vibrate with regularity. In London especially, the club scene is always changing and evolving and we always want to be able to move and grow too. So we’ll be throwing parties whenever we feel the time is right and at different locations to keep things interesting. Our next event will be at VFD in Dalston, a queer-friendly basement club. The following event could be at an alternative venue like a warehouse or we may flip a typically straight club, but we generally like to throw our parties in East London where we call home. Just know that we have some sick events in store for this year and the best way to stay informed is to follow our Facebook page. All fans of the page will get invites to some fun private parties we have in store for the summer as well. What’s the type of music? Our music policy is an aspect of Vibrate that we think really sets us apart from the average lesbian party. We love hip hop, RnB and grime club hits and classics, but we also have a distinct taste for emerging club sounds like jersey club, future beats, trap and vogue. We found that we had to go to straight parties in order to hear a mix of these kinds of music and felt that there needed to be a party that caters to women where they could feel comfortable and hear great and unique music at the same time. Who’s allowed to attend?  First and foremost, Vibrate is a party for women. Still, we maintain an all-inclusive door policy for those who will be respectful and contribute positively to the overall party experience, welcoming all races, sexualities and genders. We’ve got love for men and they are welcome, but the ratio of women to men will strongly reflect our aim to create a fun and comfortable environment for women first. The men we welcome into our parties are friends and family of ours and our fans.
 Thanks for the deets girls! We look forward to checking it out.
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