Nonchalant ~ Zip Wire Experience. London.

Zip Wire Experience. London.

zip wire london
Zip Up Here.

Only in London can you take on the FASTEST city zip wire, flying at 30 MPH over the sights of the Southbank 100 metres high followed by bottomless brunch, a ride on the ‘Mail Rail’ or enjoying views from a rooftop bar. That’s how we roll in the city. The Zip Wire is only around until 1st October, so it’s best to book on now to avoid any disappointment.
As we are always searching for the best buzz we just had to give it a whirl in order to fully review it for you guys.

Tickets and Info.

Ticket are £22.50 per adult (£18.50 for students) although this may seem fairly steep, it’s in line with many other London attractions and let’s face it, it’s a bit quirkier than the infamous London Eye. The whole experience takes around 45 minutes and slots are available between the hours of 10:00am-07:00pm. Now, we opted for a 06:30pm slot. Post booking we were informed the required arrival time was 06:00pm or we would miss the experience…. well, if we could have made it for 06:00pm we would have booked 06:00pm? 

When you arrive you are greeted with a set of scales. What is this? Weight watchers? Anyway, once you’ve passed the weigh in you’re shown the compulsory safety video before getting your kit on. Prepare to be feeling snug and thankful you don’t have a penis. Get the thighs ready for the hike up 10 flights of stairs and feel smug if you walk up tube escalators…. If you don’t you’re going to need several breaks. The view from the top is pretty cool and fear not, you can take your phone to get some great insta material. The team provide you with a little pouch to pop your valuables in which clips onto you for the flight. Winning.

Peering over the edge the floor does seem pretty far away. If you don’t like heights, this ain’t for you sista. The Zip Wire ride is over pretty quickly, but it’s a real adrenaline rush. Be sure to move your head to the side when touching down, otherwise you’ll get a kiss from the equipment and apparently she’s not a soft kisser.

zip wire london


Getting There:

Simply put the following address in CityMapper and go, go, go.
Archbishop’s Park, Carlisle Lane, London, SE1 7LE (entrance on Lambeth Palace Road)
Closest Tubes: Lambeth North or London Waterloo Underground

Closest Train Stations: London Waterloo or Elephant and Castle


Now, if this is one of your first few dates there are a few things to be a-wear (see what we did there?) of. All long hair needs to be tied back and all jewellery and scarves to br removed. Lucks in with footwear as trainers are recommended, skirts however are not. London does not want to see that flying through the air at 30 miles an hour
Can we just rock up?
The short answer is no, book online right here.

zip wire london

What do I need to bring on the day?

Yourself and your booking confirmation e-mail

Are there lockers?
Yes, there are lockers. They’re free.

Can we book a group?

Yes, group booking are available, get 10% off when 16 or more ride, or 20% off when 50 or more join in. Don’t ask us about the arrival times for such a huge group, that’s just too much for us to conceive

Can I take my phone up?
Yes, you are provided with a small pouch which clips onto your harness, you are able to put your phone and other precious items in there for the ride.

Any other questions? Hit up the team at the Adventure Booking Centre on 01248 601 444 or email [email protected] .
Visit the website by following this link … 
Happy Zippin’
NL x

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