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After falling for several years, knife crime is sadly on the rise again in the UK.

With that chilling fact in mind, it seems more poignant than ever that we highlight the great efforts and work of Ben Eine working alongside The Tom Easton Flavasum Trust last week as he unveiled a huge new piece which shouts the message loud and clear for all passing by to see – STOP KNIFE CRIME.

Ben Eine says “The situation with knife crime is just getting worse and worse and people have had enough. More has to be done to prevent it. This has to stop.”

Ben Eine Stop Knife Crime

Following the unprovoked fatal stabbing in 2006 of 22 year-old youth worker and musician Tom-Louis Easton, nearly next to the Old Street wall, Tom’s mother Dolores Altaras and his family founded the Tom Easton Flavasum Trust in 2007 to try reduce the number of young people carrying knives and steer them away from knife crime by supporting projects that use the arts. With no commission fee, Eine agreed to paint a strong message on the 70 by 8 foot wall for the Flavasum Trust, which he has continued to repaint for a decade.

Peter at Flavasum Trust says “Ben’s paintings near where Tom was stabbed to death in 2006 are a constant reminder to anyone passing along Old Street that something tragic happened there. When he first painted CHANGE, people were taken aback and wanted to know what it was all about. Ten years later knife crime is still with us and Ben still gives up his time. We love and respect him for that!

Help support this message and movement but snapping and sharing pictures of this strong message over at Old Street, London.

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