BFI FLARE: London LGBTQ+ Film Festival

Ellen Page and Kate Mara   BFI FLARE: LGBTQ+ Film Festival features the best new and classic LGBTQ+ films from around the world. It will be taking place on the 21st March- 1st April. Some big names and also some little known names feature in this BFI LGBTQ+ FilmFestivalwith the opening galashowing a new film starring Ellen Page and Kate Mara (BIG names) in’My Day of Mercy.’ A love story about two women from different backgrounds and beliefs falling in love.We’ve all been there. The script by BAFTA nominated British writer Joe Barton is definitely a must watch, if you aren’t already just watching because of Kate Mara or Ellen Page (trying to be all cultured we all know the reason why you are going really..or is that just us then?) Ellen Page and Kate Mara looking at the ground   Other films you might wanna see below; Montana A tale about a woman coming back to her old neighbourhood to find it barely changed and quite boring. It gets interesting when she decides she quite likes a married teacher (woman obvs). two women kissing Snapshots Reminiscing is a big deal in this film.Rose is now a Grandma,she remembers when she once loved a woman after watching an old roll of film with her family. Loving women? Soooo relatable. Anyway, let the drama commence. The Feels This ones more of a comedy in case those other ones were too deep for you. Based around a Bachelorette party, (because two women are getting married in this, in case that wasn’t obvious) When one of them says she hasn’t actually had a proper orgasm (in a lesbian relationship?! hard to believe) the weekend then turns into the friends trying to save the relationshipwith some funny consequences…. Woman holding two vibrators On the last day of the festival, you get the chance to catch some really decent films that have been on throughout the year that you may not have been able to catch before; Battle of the Sexes Call Me By Your Name A Fantastic Woman If any of this takes your fancy have a look through the BFI FLARE- Brochure where they have helpfully categorised everything into Hearts, Bodies, Minds and you can read some full on reviews (Tsh, like the ones above don’t explain them enough….)

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