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B I R D + W O L F Clothing Brand

We bring to you B I R D + W O L F

WARNING: Be prepared to text your gf another item to add to your Christmas list…#CheersBabez

Since launching the brand last year, Em Roberts has seen it grow from strength to strength with global customers as far as Australia and celebs are seen wearing it such as Fearne Cotton, Emma Bunton, All Saints, Ruby Rose, and even your L-Word faves, Sarah Shahi, Leisha Hailey and Kate Moening (swit swoo).

From a successful career in PR working with brands from high-end jewellery to top charities, Em found that she became dispassionate.

“I lost the ability to write positive things about brands I knew didn’t really give a shit about their customers. The humanistic element seemed to be missing so much”

She took some time out to re-evaluate her path. It was one day in Harrods last Autumn that things changed. “I was wearing a camo jacket that I had pimped up and long story short an Arab lady bought it off my back. She wanted that jacket and she was going to have it!”

Thus, B I R D + W O L F was born.

A self-confessed tomboy Em says ‘Ever since I was a child I was baffled and annoyed that men and womenswear were separated. I got that men and women are built differently but to be dictated which type of clothes to wear kind of got to me.

Why couldn’t I go into the men’s section and buy that t-shirt or that jacket? I felt as a teenage girl people would be looking at me weirdly. Why couldn’t all the clothes be in one section? Why do we have to be told? what certain genders should wear? That is why I love the fact that all our clothes can be worn by everyone. All our clothes are gender-neutral’

And for that, we salute you Em! See what we did there? Army Jackets, Salute? Anyways.

Get all up in the below top selections from B I R D + W O L F.

Plus you’ll be happy to hear that Em will also have a pop-up at our event with Mint Events on the 9th December with 30% off! Read all about it and get tickets here >




bird+wolf camo jacket

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Not only that, but you can also have bespoke designs made –read all about it here >

AND Don’t forget, you’re able to get these unique statement items at 30% off on the 9th Dec. Don’t miss out on an incredible offer.

See you there,

Team NL x

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Nonchalant Magazine

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  1. Nonchalant Magazine
    Nonchalant Magazine
    27th April 2020 / 10:31 am

    Hi there Clare,

    Thanks for your message. You’re able to purchase the jackets directly from B I R D + W O L F via their website, we can see you’re able to pay via a few options including PayPal and G Pay.

  2. Avatar
    Clare Jordan
    27th April 2020 / 10:09 am

    Hi there… Do you have a payment option with klarna or clearpay to purchase the jackets.?
    Many thanks

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