Nonchalant ~ Catwalk Featuring Dogs – Travel in Style

Catwalk Featuring Dogs – Travel in Style

When you think of cats and dogs the first thing that comes to mind is not one of harmony but when you create a catwalk with the models carrying Instagram famous dogs (including @thepuggysmalls), then you have an incredible mix.

Earlier this month NotJustYoga and the Pets Agency teamed up to create a fashion event featuring insta dogs. It was an event where the fashion and arts industry collaborated to showcase designer outfits for travelling in style. The models were all shapes, sizes and sexual orientation, with the main focus of raising money for the RSPCA (Catwalk with dogs and raising money for a good cause, why not?) Oh and not forgetting the fact there were cocktails (a win for us).

Designers included Audace Manifesto Ibiza who recycles materials and uses natural dyes. Cako, comfy but fashionable travel wear (No need to wear those baggy old trousers on a flight – we see you). If you thought the dogs were just having a free ride and weren’t doing their fair share, they too were modelling pieces by Welsh Russian, a new start-up company who create luxury accessories for dogs. The dogs were also wearing fashion harnessed and collars created by Poppy and Ted. Models headed up and down the runway in west London’s infamous Mahiki to the tunes of Izzy Trixx who provided the music on the night.

It was a Catwalk with a difference and we weren’t complaining. Watch out for the next one.

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