Nonchalant ~ How to Get Cheap Gig Tickets

How to Get Cheap Gig Tickets

With the absolute epic fail of half of the team here at Nonchalant London not getting Glastonbury tickets, this is a hard god damn article to write for us. BUT there’s hope for us in April – that aside, we’re going to share with you our top-secret recipe to grab fairly priced gig tickets (sos, we can’t help you with Glastonbury tickets, but if you can help us then hola).

We want you to have enough money to buy your date a drink so read on below if you’d like to save a bob or two on your gig tickets …

How to get cheap gig tickets

1. Avoid Dodgy Ticket Sites

There are loads of dodgy ticket sites out there that buy up tickets when they’re released and sell them on at rip off prices – you’ll be paying a shit tonne for these tickets. However, if you’re not lucky enough to steal a ticket when released it’s likely you’ll turn to these sites – we do too. You’ve got to make sure that you’re getting them from reputable sites like Ticket Merchant that sell them at more reasonable prices. Usually, if you check the band’s website they’ll have a link to the official ticket seller for the gig. 

2. Sign Up to the Band’s Email Lists

Always, always, always sign up to the band’s email list. A lot of big bands and artists send out priority codes to their “fans” … aka, people who sign up to their email lists. These priority codes usually allow you to buy tickets the day before, but be warned as these sell out super fast also. On this note, it’s worth following them on all social media channels too as it’s likely they’ll communicate new dates via here first.

3. Promote Events

Ok so this one takes effort (a word that generally doesn’t go hand in hand with Nonchalant) but if you’re a die-hard fan then it’s worth it.

Somebody needs to put up all the posters for gigs and help spread the word and those people usually get paid in free tickets rather than cash. It doesn’t take up much of your time to put out a few posters and flyers so it’s worth doing if you can get a ticket for free. Check the band’s website, the venue and the promoter’s websites to see if they’re looking for volunteers – this also helps with festivals too. 

4. Seat Filler Services

Empty seats are always bad news for venues and you can take advantage of that by signing up for a seat filler service. You pay a monthly subscription then they send you free tickets for all sorts of events, not just gigs. You don’t get much choice about what you get but if you like going to gigs a lot, it’s worth signing up.

5. Sign Up to Songkick

Songkick is amazeballs. If you action anything from this article then this should be it. Sign up to Songkick and link it to your Spotify. Songkick will email you of any ticket release dates coming up of artists you follow on Spotify which is super handy when we have zero time as it is right.

6. Download DICE app

Similarly to Songkick, DICE is an app that you can track your favourite bands on and see when they’re planning to tour etc. Not only that, but it’s also a great tool to discover new artists.

7. Utilise Your Free Perks

There’s loads of companies that give you the chance to buy priority tickets before anyone else. Such as O2, Mastercard and American Express … so make sure you check out what perks you already have available to you.

8. SofarSounds

sofar sounds gig tickets london

And if you’re really not fussed about who you see but you love new music then check our SofarSounds. SofarSounds is an awesome company that put on intermit gigs in the quirkiest venues from people front rooms through to churches. The bands and artists they book can be anyone from a new up and coming band right through to more well-known artists. They’ve had James Bay, Leon Bridges and Hozier to name a few.

Be sure to use our handy tricks of bagging a well-priced ticket. If you know any other ticks of the trade then let us know in the comments section below.


NL x

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