Nonchalant ~ Love Island is over, so what do you do now?

Love Island is over, so what do you do now?

You may have committed more of your time to Love Island than some of your previous relationships, well done, go you. But like any one sided relationship (what did it give you really?) it’s now finished. Soon you will realise it’s probs for the best, especially when you see all the fun stuff you can now do with your time instead.

It’s still the summer, it will be a while before all the grass grows back so enjoy the draught whilst you can.

Here’s a few things you can do around London that might help you forget about this heartache and get yourself back out there, it’ll do you good;


Overdose (on Vitamin D) at a rooftop bar

Culpeper Roof Garden   – Slap bang in the middle of the City (Aldgate East being the closest station) it isn’t just any old rooftop, this one grows veggies and herbs (imagine, life growing in the middle of London). They use this produce and put it on their seasonal menu. Although the pub has a restaurant where you can have hearty meals,  the garden often has a BBQ where you can get yourself some meaty treats. Obviously you can get a few cocktails there too, what’s a rooftop without them?

Rumpus Rooms –  On the Southbank this is a great place to get the best views of London whilst sitting in a hanging seat. They do some VERY good cocktails too, although they aren’t cheap it is worth it for the experience. Book to avoid disappointment.


Picnic in the Parks

Victoria Park lake

Check out London’s parks with a boozy picnic, below are a few of our faves, with a short, but (we think) effective summary;

Victoria Park – Got a skate park, lots of pubs around, a really good cafe and some pedalos. what more could you want?

Hampstead Heath-  It’s huge, has great views and an outdoor natural pond.

Regents Park-  You can find London zoo here, there’s fields to play in, an outdoor theatre and flower gardens.

Battersea Park- Next to the river, stunning small space (small compared to the above mentioned parks).


London’s Lovely Lidos


Go bitch around a pool side? Or alternatively get in it and do some lengths at some Lidos around London;

Serpentine Lido – Hyde Park

London Fields Lido – London Fields (obvs)

Charlton Lido – Charlton (Again clues in the name)


Forget about Love Island, enjoy yourself, she’ll only be back next year anyway.

Christine Babicz
Christine Babicz