New Year Resolutions 2018

new year 2018New Year Reso who? New Year, New Me? Nah. Forget New Years Resolutions and start something a little bit different. London has an abundance of unique and diverse classes, activities and new things to do, so why not make the most of it?

2018 is THE year. Expand your dating chat, meet new people and feel proud to list an actual hobby rather than the classic, but well loved; ‘socialising with friends’.We’ve scoured what we feel are the most interesting of classes, sessions and workshops for you beauties to try your hand at this new year…

Hula Fit | From 6 per Class | Various Locations in London

Work your core, tone the tum and lose the love handles (if you so wish) by hula-ing your time away at the Hula Fit class, which will also improve balance, co ordination and strength. Classes are around one hour long and cost from 6 dependent on location, which includes; Kennington, Kings Cross, Hackney and Notting Hill Gate.

new year 2018Trapeze Classes | From 30| North Greenwich

Head to the Gorilla Circus School and learn to fly through the air only to be be caught by an instructor on a separate swinging bar, shucks. Classes consist of 10 students who are all kitted up with safety belts and equipment so it’s completely safe. You don’t have to have had any experience or particular skills to be able to join a class, but if you enjoy you can progress to more advanced classes which focus on more difficult tricks and moves. Currently classes take place atHangar Arts Trust in North Greenwich butduring summer months the school sets up in Regents Park and Kensington Gardens.

How to be confident class atThe School of Life | 55

Looking to develop your confidence in work as well as in life? Join The School of Life’s confidence building class, which teaches you how to develop confidence using a set of ideas involving the world and our natural place within it. Sessions are approx. 3 hours long and involve a welcome coffee and break midway. Strut out the class with a range of ideas to enhance confidence and look forward to practicing the skill’s you’ve learned.

Yoga and Detox| 25 | Sunday 28th Jan | 10:00- 11:30am


Yoga’s good for you, detox is good for you, combine the two and get Yoga and Detox, a class which is said to leave you ‘warm from the inside out’. What’s more, when you book you get 10 to buy on products once you’re there. Book online before 3pm on Jan 27th to secure your place for the 28th session. As Nature Intended Marble Arch is the location where you can rejuvenate with yoga and enjoy a cup of organic detox tea.

Learn to play a musical instrument | Fo Free | March 2018

Music For All are a charity who believe everyone should get the chance to play a musical instrument and make it their business to do so. The next Learn to Play day is happening in March 2018, but keep an eye on the website for all the precise deets. Sounds great to us, especially if you fancy blowing your own trumpet.

World Jumping | Shoreditch and Southwark | 10

World jumping is a fairly new phenomenon, by which fitness lessons are delivered by bouncing up and down on mini trampets. Apparently this burns three times more calories than running and look’s to be a lot more fun. You can drop by and pay for classes as and when, or bulk buy classes to save on the dollar. Session days depend on which venue you choose to attend, but times are all 6:30 – 7:15, with Southwark offering Sunday mornings too between 9:00- 9:45am. If you want to check out the full list of class times and locations, click here.

Sweat Boxing Classes | 25 BXR London | Chiltern Street | W1U 5QY

BXR classes incorporate three main training principles and techniques into classes which have been designed by industry- experts allowing you to experience what it’s like to train as an athlete. Sessions focus on the following core goals; skills, strength and conditioning, cardio and mobility. Sweatclasses are pay as you go, from 15 per session for members of 30 per session for non members; Browse memberships and packs here.

2018Street Art Graffiti Workshop and Tour | 32 | Hoxton

If you’ve always wanted to give spray painting a go, but haven’t got round to it, the time is now. Immerse yourself in a four hour graffiti workshop followed by a Graffiti tour, facilitated by an expert street artist. For 32 you get all of the above plusmaterials, spray paints, protective gloves and of course, the all important insurance. The workshop starts near Old Street Station and finishes at the headquarters in Hoxton.


Disco Yoga | From 15 | Peckham and Old Street

Disco Yogais a brand new yoga class in London which combines yoga, fun, dance and some serious tunes, as well as superfood mock and cockails on finishing. The class was inspired by those wanting to promote fun and fitness, as well as a healthy lifestyle. Session’s start with the chance to cover your face in glitter before energising your body to the sweet tunes of disco.

Once the exercise is done, there’s chance to mingle with a superfood draaaank with a list that includes; ’It’s Raining Zen’ and ‘Kale and the Gang’. Anyone can join Disco Yoga classes, no matter what your level, experience or ability. Head over to Disco Yoga for more information.

Become a culinary goddess at the Food at 52 Cookery School | 115 | Clerkenwell

Whether you’re a novice or fancy (yourself as) Nigella, Food at 52 have a class to suit you. Set up in 2007, this place has grown in size and offers a huge range of classes in a wealth of cuisines, including beginner, hosting, stress free hosting, Thai, Moroccan and more. Each session finishes with a well deserved feast and wine… sounds like a dream.

Happy New Year
Team NL x