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Space Shifters Southbank Centre

An event not to be missed for all you art and architecture lovers. Space Shifters | 26th September until the 6th January 2019 | Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX Art in London is not hard to come by, with a plethora of both large and independent galleries-whatever your taste there is an exhibit to satisfy it. One such gallery sits within the Southbank Centre and is home to a new installation exhibit called Space Shifters. Following a two-year renovation of the Hayward Gallery, this is the third and final show of the reopening year. This exhibit was created as a response to the unique space of the building and the style of architecture. Focusing on sculptures and installations that explore and challenge our perception and use of space. It is a collaborative exhibit, bringing together work from a variety of artists such as Fred Eversley and Charlotte Posenenske among others. This exhibit is showcasing the work of 20 artists, with their work spanning a period of 50 years-from the minimalist movement of the 1960s to the modern contemporary interpretations of minimalism.  Minimalism is a movement that has endured in popularity, so to see the evolution of this style makes for a very interesting evening.  As well as this evolution, there are new works that have been curated as a response to the architecture of the Hayward Gallery, where this exhibition sits. As with all art, how a viewer perceives it is of the utmost importance to the artists, therefore, much of the work is done to maximise the experience of the space. Many of the artists took a minimal approach to materials producing sculptures and installations that are “elegant, mysterious and perceptually ‘light’.” This is why much of the artwork in this exhibit has been created from translucent materials such as glass, acrylic and polyester resin. As well as translucent, reflective materials have also been used such as stainless steel. One piece even features the use of engine oil to achieve the reflective effect. These pieces have been described as luscious and seductive, demonstrating a huge accomplishment with both the engineering of this artwork and the visual component. The objects are there to challenge the viewer’s perception of the Hayward’s unique architecture and provide a fitting and dramatic conclusion the gallery’s 50th Anniversary. You can read an interview with the Senior Curator Cliff Lauson who talks more about the inspiration and motivation behind this exhibit here. Tickets:  Tickets are on sale here and cost £16.50, with discounts for concessions. You are required to select a timeslot in which to visit the installation to allow everyone to experience the use of space. If you go to check it out then let us know what you think. Enjoy x