The Gulf | Theatre Review

A play about a relationship…that just so happens to be two woman… The Gulf - Tristan Bates Theatre Lesbian With very little plays out there that centre around a gay relationship we were extremely pleased (relieved almost) that The Gulf is purely revolved around a relationship of two women yet it doesn’t focus on sexuality at all – which is a real rare treat and about bloody time too. Kendra, played by Louisa Lytton, (who you will have seen inEastEnders and The Bill) adopts a nonchalant (had to get that in somewhere), lethargic and arrogant character alongside Anna Acton, who plays Kendra’s eager, try-hard and overwhelming girlfriend (who you will have also seen in EastEnders and The Bill). Both actors play very believable lesbians (are we qualified to say that? Yea probs)… not playing to stereotypes in anyway and making the relationship extremely believable. Which again, is something we were really glad to see. They both smashed an Alabama accent too. As you enter the theatre you will be greeted by a small fishing boat, a dock amongst a grassy bank, a picnic basket, and dim lighting. The intimate, detailed and well designed set alongwith the actors already being in character as you walk in makes you feel fully submerged in the atmosphere, if not a little intrusive. The Gulf - Lesbian Theatre London Set in Alabama, the play kicks off with a shallow and silly discussion between the couple which provokes an immediate thirst to understand the reasoning behind the behaviour of the pair. With an underlying meaning, the very cleverly put together script slowly unravels and you start to learn more about the very complex relationship that the two women hold and the deep emotions that they’ve been through together. You’re dragged through each emotion with them as they discuss the present, the past and the future of their relationship. The production, although at times felt a little slow, definitely left us reflecting on past failed (FAAILLLEDD!!) relationships and empathising with the characters’ turmoil. For all the thespian fans out there (no, this sadly has nothing to do with being a lesbian…google it) we suggest you check this one out. Running until 5th May 2018. If you do then let us know what you think. Star rating? We don’t believe in grades – grades are for teachers. Peace. NL
17 April – 5 May | Tristan Bates Theatre, London