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Top 10 Halloween Date Night Movie Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching and what better excuse than to snuggle up on the sofa with your other half than a scary movie date night? We want you to get in on ALLL that action so we have compiled a list of our top 10 Halloween screams that will guarantee your better half ends up in your lap at the end of the night. ??- thank us later.

1. Scream

top date night horror films

Letís kick off this list with a classic. Scream redefined the slasher movie genre and gave a resurgence to horror in the 90s, spawning 3 sequels. However, nothing comes close to the 90s classic, complete with Skeet Ulrich, Rose McGowan, and Neve Campbell. Ghost Face has well and truly earned their place in the horror hall of fame after this series of movies. If youíre not watching for the horror, the 90s fashion is enough to inspire your winter wardrobe. #LiverAlone #WhatsYourFavouriteScaryMovie ?

2. Nightmare on Elm Street

Top ten Halloween Date movies

Another classic horror; Nightmare on Elm Street is perfect for those among us looking to cuddle up and giggle at the “special fx” and 80s fashion. While not the scariest of films, it is a must watch for Horror enthusiasts, simply because it gave birth to one of THE greatest characters of all time, Freddy fucking Krueger! Plus, Heather Langenkamp has the 80s perm we’ve always dreamed of, but know we could never achieve. ?????

3. The Craft

horror date night movie night

Need I say more? The Craft is THE original witch film; not only are the cast absolute bad ass bitches, but it redefined how we view witches. Gone were the cackling women on broomsticks, witches were now teenage girls with velvet chokers and crop tops; witches were the weirdos, and the weirdos were cool AF. Think Mean Girls but with witches and you have The Craft. If youíre not convinced, the girl power of the protagonists will inspire you to crack out your dark lipstick and chokers for either an everyday aesthetic or the perfect last-minute Halloween costume.

4. Conjuring

Nonchalant Top Ten Horror Films

Moving away from aesthetic to pure horror now. The Conjuring is one of a few modern horrors that actually manages to terrify audiences. Whether you select the first, second or spin-offs, each film captures the balance between suspense and drama. Based around the supernatural, the Conjuring franchise manages to make good use of cinematography and a strong cast to deliver films that will be perfect for that late-night scream!

5. Sinister 2

horror date night movie night

It is a truth universally acknowledged that sequels are always a bit crap. Sinister 2 is a film that manages to avoid this trope to an extent. The story focuses around a demon called Bagul who hunts families by possessing a child to kill their families. The concept is horrifying, the main antagonist is horrifying and the children are horrifying. If you want to end the night hiding under a blanket, this would be the film to do that.

6. Jenniferís Body

Top Lesbian Horror Movies

Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, and demonic possession? Need we say more. The heavy sapphic undertones should be reason enough to add this film to your watch list this October. It centres around two best friends where one becomes possessed and the other tries to stop her from killing every male classmate. How Megan Fox manages to still look flawless as she devours people, and unhinges her jaw is beyond us, but as far as dark comedies go, this is worth a watch (It has a lez scene also…. what?).

7. Raw

Top Ten Horror Movies Nonchalant London

Raw is a coming of age French-Belgian film from writer/director Julia Ducournau. This film is Ducournauís debut as a director and was highly anticipated for cinema enthusiasts. The story focuses around a veterinary student who discovers, after a dare, that she has a craving for human flesh. The story explores the ideas of self-discovery, growing up and independence, but with an edge of..umm..well…cannibalism.

8. The Witch

Top Ten Horror Movies Nonchalant London

Looking for something completely different this Halloween? The Witch is a film set in the 17th century New England at the height of the witch trials following a family who has been ostracised due to suspected witchcraft in their family. The film leaves the audience wondering throughout if these claims are unfounded but with a climax, you will not want to miss. It is a very subtle film, relying on acting and setting to carry the story but it is one that offers a change from the slasher films of Hollywood.

9. IT

Top Ten Horror Movies Nonchalant London

The film of last Summer – It divided audiences over old vs new. While not the scariest film for horror enthusiasts, it does tell a very charming coming of age story about a group of middle school friends. Equally, Bill Skarsgard is phenomenal in the titular role, and really brings to life this terrifying clown. With some great lines: IT is a film that offers jump scares, gore and maintained suspense throughout.

10. The Ring

Top Ten Horror Movies Nonchalant London

No horror film list would be complete without this classic. While we have all moved away from VHS (RIP) The Ring still manages to terrify audiences with the appearance of Samara and her signature hairdo! For those among you who are braver, you can choose the original Japanese film this is based on, but be warned, VHS or not, you will be avoiding TV for weeks.

Let us know what you will be watching this Halloween and share your thoughts on the above films.

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