7 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

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Let’s face it we have all been there, tossing and turning, lying with our eyes wide awake wondering when we will be blissfully asleep. Sleep is important, it can have an effect on our weight, our brain and can increase our risk of disease. Here are a few easy to follow tips on how to improve your sleep.

1. Have a shower or bath before bed

Studies have proven that a relaxing shower or bath before bed can help improve the quality of sleep and help you to fall asleep faster.

2. Make your bedroom environment suitable for sleep

No noise guys, if your housemate is blaring out music or having loud sex, don’t be scared to go into their room and tell them to shut up. Reduce the light from artificial devices, this could be your phone or could be street lights. Perhaps get some blackout blinds, eye mask or earplugs (if you don’t want to interrupt your housemate).

3. Reduce Blue Light exposure right before bed

Electronic devices emit this type of light. Smartphones and computers are the worst, no more late night meme browsing or getting deep into your exes insta. Stop watching TV and turn off any bright lights two hours before bed.

4. Listening to Pink Noise

You may have heard of white noise but what the fuck is pink? We hear you say. It is to do with the sound of natural things, such as waterfalls or birds chirping or rain.

You can download a few apps which provide pink noise. Our favourite is Calm.

5. Wake up and go to sleep at consistent times (even on the weekend)

Here’s some science for you, we have something called the circadian rhythm which is a very clever way of your body aligning itself with the sunrise and sunset.

Irregular sleep patterns, going to bed late at the weekends, for instance, can have an effect on your circadian rhythm and therefore affect you getting to sleep or staying asleep.

6. Increase bright light exposure throughout the day

Natural sunlight or bright light can help….yep, you guessed it, your circadian rhythm. The natural sunlight or bright light in the day helps keep your bodies circadian rhythm healthy.

7. Exercise during the day

Regular exercise is proven to help you sleep at night and increases the amount of time you spend in deep restorative stages of sleep.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a lot of exercise or very strenuous, it could just be walking for 20 minutes.

If however, you decide to do it close to bedtime, limit it to at least three hours before. Yoga can help promote a healthy sleep pattern and aid sleep.

Enjoy your nights filled with sleep.

Love Nonchalant xx


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