Christmas Lights in London

Get your winter warmers on and grab your lover to go see the magic of London lit up by the Christmas lights. Here are our top places to go check out. It’s guaranteed to be lit… soz couldn’t resist.

Christmas at Kew Gardens

That’s right, the stunning Kew Gardens transform into a magic, light wonderland every Christmas.

Walk around Kew with a drink of something mulled and admire all the beautiful light displays.

Enjoy the finale of lights and music with the favourite Palm House Pond.

Carnaby Street

Carnaby always has a pretty epic display, this year won’t disappoint.

This year they are doing something Greta would approve of. They have teamed up with ocean conservation charity Project 0 to give you a dazzling display of sea creatures that are in danger of going extinct.

All of it will be made from recycled and reusable materials, consisting of fishing net, recycled bottles and bubble wrap.

What underwater beats will it consist of we hear you ask? It will include a 5-metre long whale that blows bubbles (fun), bright pink coral and lots of jellyfish.

The Enchanted Woodland

Running for 14 years these guys know how to set up some lights in the wood of Syon Park.

The woodland is 600 years old and is a wonder to behold when lit up by all the stunning lights.

Oxford Circus

The old classics of Oxford Circus and Regents Street (below)

With Oxford Circus lights you usually know what to expect, but they have changed this year…. for the first time in 6 years they are having a rebrand (perhaps they had a bad break up, we’ve all been there hun)

There will be 27 ‘light curtains’ of LED lights down the street.

Regent Street

You can expect the usual extravaganza of lights on Regent Street this year.

Expect the return of those huge golden angels towering over the street.

Wave at Eccleston Yards

Anyone heard of Chromotherapy? No? Neither had we until we stumbled across this beauty of a light installation.

So just to clarify, Chromotherapy (sometimes called colour therapy) is a method of treatment that uses colours to adjust body vibrations. Each colour has a different vibration. Interesting.

Ok back to the Wave display. This immersive experience designed to calm the visitor, it uses 500 orbs that create hypnotic harmonies. Ahhhhhhhh.

Covent Garden

Every year you can be sure that Christmas has come when you go to Covent Garden.

The old market, lit up with 115,000 lights gives you a feeling like you are in a Dickens novel, just need it to snow a little and the scene would be set!

Team Nonchalant x


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