Nonchalant ~ Christmas Mulled Wine Recipe

Christmas Mulled Wine Recipe

Christmas mulled wine recipe

What’s that we hear? Is it the faint tinkle of silver bells? The anticipation of the festive season growing? Christmas is fast approaching and by law, every foodstuff and all drinks consumed from now on must be Christmas themed. Ok, well maybe not every, but it’s not Christmas without mulled wine we have a great mulled wine recipe right here.

This mulled wine recipe is an old family recipe, passed down through generation to generation, ok it is the product of testing and tasting at university, but we promise you it is a recipe to remember!

This mulled wine recipe will serve around 8-10 people, or 4-6 if you’ve had a particularly tough day. You will need a large saucepan and a working hob: gas, electric, a pile of sticks doesn’t matter as long as it makes heat.

The things you will need are:

  • 750ml red wine (aim for one that is sweeter vs drier)
  • 1 large cinnamon stick, or two small ones (basically one that makes you go Woah that’s big, or two that make you go, that’s manageable)
  • 2 star anise
  • 4 cloves
  • 2 strips lemon zest (you’re going to need a vegetable peeler for this, or a very steady hand with a knife)
  • 4 tablespoons caster sugar

So now you’ve gathered the above, and you’re dressed in a cute apron, it’s time to get steamy in the kitchen! This is the easy part.

Put all the ingredients in a pan starting at the top and working down; turn the pan on a medium heat so that it starts to bubble but not boil. Once the sugar starts to dissolve and it’s steadily bubbling, turn it right down to low heat and leave for around 10-15 minutes depending on your personal taste. The longer you leave it, the stronger the spiced taste will be. Remove from the heat and leave to cool for 10-15 minutes so it’s drinkable and to let the flavours develop.

Ladle into heatproof glasses, and if you’re feeling fancy add in sliced orange garnish, If you’re feeling frisky a splash of whisky and voila! Make like Alice and drink up, this mulled wine pairs perfectly with the cold nights.

How do you like your mulled wine? Let us know

Nonchalant x

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