Nonchalant ~ Best Facial Products Summer 2019

Best Facial Products Summer 2019

So you are going to a club and that club happens to be on the beach annd it is a day to night party. You want to be looking your hot self and not a sweaty beach mess.

Here’s a list of the best facial beauty products, for that natural look. You can be looking fabulous whilst partying all night, and with a few top ups, you will still look good for all those selfies.

1) L’Oreal Infallible Sexy Balm, £3.31

Absolute steal!

best facial products L'Oreal Lipstick

As it’s a lip balm you can still snog your girlfriends face off and re-apply post pash, winning!

2) Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum, £26

best facial products Ultra repair Hydrating

Come on girls, its Summer! Let’s get that skin looking fresh. This is perfect for a post-boozing boost. Slap this on in the morning whilst you debrief on last nights antics with the squad.

3) Stay Cool Cucumber Eye Pads, £3

best facial products cool cucumber eyemask

Pre-date night prep gold!

4) Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen, £30.50

best facial products Laura mercier

Direct from the Laura Mercier US site, or buy from SpaceNK or Harrods in the UK – A Lipstick Lesbian MUST HAVE. This is our go-to everyday natural look. US? Wearing makeup? No? (lies). This stuff is amazing. Slightly expensive, but you don’t need to apply much so it goes a long way. Now, go beautify up girls 🙂

Team Nonchalant x

Emma Alice Jane
Emma Alice Jane

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