Get Fit as Fuck Pancakes for Summer

Healthy Pancakes

Stuff you put in them

1 scoop Vanilla protein powder

1 handful blueberries (doesn’t matter how big your hands are)

1 handful porridge oats

2 eggs

Half a cup of soya milk (or normal depends on your bodies abilities to digest lactose) you want just enough to make the consistency a little runny, not too runny…you’ll figure it out…


How to make these bad boys

Put all the ingredients in a pouring jug and mix.

Heat a frying pan using a high temp, put some butter in the pan to grease it up, then get rid of the butter as quick as a regretful one night stand.

Put some of the mixture into the pan making a small, flat shape (a bit like a small pancake….) flip after a while to ensure that it doesn’t get burnt.

Repeat this until you’ve used all the batter.