Nonchalant ~ GFW Launch New Boxer Range

GFW Launch New Boxer Range

We’ve all been there, looking at clothes in the “men’s” section, thinking this t-shirt would look awesome on me, unlike the women’s section where some t-shirts should not be classed as t-shirts at all – We don’t all want tiny, tight, crop tops all the time 🙄. Or, another perfect example of this is underwear. Maybe you don’t want to wear a thong or some frilly knickers, but you know you look like an absolute badass in boxers, yet finding boxers that compliment you is hard AF.

Well, the answer is here girls (& guys 😉)! Gender Free World has brought out a style of boxers that are for everybody (literally) with their ‘no labels’ unisex boxer shorts.

Gender neutral boxers

You know you’re in safe hands with Gender Free World, known for pioneering in the design and creation of clothes to suit all body shapes. They know that one size does not fit all. Check out their new range of gender-neutral boxer styles you can get your hands on below;

black boxers

Boxer Shorts – All-Black – Unisex – £18.50

red boxers

Boxer Shorts – Burgundy – Unisex – £18.50

white boxers

Boxer Shorts – White – Unisex – £18.50

Teal boxers

Boxer Shorts – Teal – Unisex  – £18.50

Viva the unisex revolution!

The Nonchalant Team x

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