Nonchalant ~ Jecca Correct & Conceal Palette: Review

Jecca Correct & Conceal Palette: Review

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It is a known fact that the makeup-lovers among us are always on the lookout for the next best concealer. So let it be known that Jecca has created a strong contender in their Correct & Conceal Palette. It is also vegan and cruelty-free, so bonus points all around. 

The message of the brand as a whole is so important creating products that are genderless and accessible for those who want to get into makeup. The packaging is sleek, simple and neutral, and it is the perfect size for travelling. Despite the compact size, you get a great amount of actual product too.  Perfect for putting into your handbag babes.

Possibly the first thing you will notice when you open the palette is the smell. Although the scent of makeup isn’t terribly important, it smells like crayons. Queue flashbacks to colouring-in in primary school. The strong Crayola-scent does take some getting used to, however, it really doesn’t impact the quality. It adds childhood nostalgia value if nothing else.

The formula is really smooth despite being oil-free. That means it goes on well with or without a primer underneath and it stays there all day. You can even get away with not setting it with a powder. There are definitely fuller-coverage concealers on the market, but Jecca’s palette is exactly what you need for everyday use. It is simple to use and applies just as well with a finger as it does with a brush or a sponge, so it’s perfect to put on as you’re running out of the door in the morning. 

What really makes it worthwhile is the red-tinted, colour correcting concealer. If you aren’t someone who has tried colour correcting before, this palette will change your life. The red-tint basically works by cancelling out any dark discolouration like dark circles. It really makes a huge difference when you’re trying to make yourself look more presentable the day after a long night out. Paired with the regular concealer or any concealer you have, to be honest, it really helps to brighten your skin and give you a glow. You will probably start using it far more regularly than you expected to.

However, on the downside, the main issue with this palette is the lack of colour options. Available in light and medium, this palette really doesn’t cater for those with darker skin, unless you want a concealer that highlights rather than seamlessly blends. Fingers-crossed that Jecca will bring out a more diverse shade range as the current options are quite limiting.

Overall, this is a great product with an excellent message behind it. At £20, it’s not a high price to pay for the amount of product you get and the quality of the concealers. Jecca is still a young brand and definitely one to keep an eye on. 

But obvs don’t just take our word for it, head over to Jecca and grab your own Correct and Conceal Palette.

L’Oreal Paris are supporting these beauts. Read more on their amazing story and about its Founder, Jessica Blackler.

Plus, here’s a video tutorial to give you a handy guide on how to apply.

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