L Word is back mother fuckaaaasssss….

L word 2019 is back

It’s true, the rumours (this time) are true! Our favourite (lol, our ONLY, so it has to be our favourite) lesbian tv drama is coming back to our lives.

Release date late 2019. If it’s anything like the original legendary 6 seasons then things to prepare yourself for:

1. Lusting over a life as a L.A lesbian.

2. Wanting someone in London to open a cafe like The Planet, and/or planning said business venture with your friends.


3. Saying “What the fuck is Shane wearing?”.

4. Loving life now that Jenny isn’t in it (sorry Jenny fans).

5. Arguing with your mates about which one of you is Carmen and which one is Shane.



6. Mapping out your very own chart and sadly realising that you and your best mate are a little closer connected than you originally thought.

7. Trying to reenact this scene with your gf… and failing massively…


Even if we don’t want to admit it … we’re all extremely excited at Nonchalant HQ about the return of our beloved L Word Characters and show. We thank you Ilene Chaiken and we pray that you make sure Sarah Shahi is in the cast 😆

Check back with us soon for when it’ll be out…

Team NL x


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