London Pride (2019): Your Essential Guide

Pride rainbow flag

Introducing your essential Pride guide for 2019 from us here at Nonchalant. Let us guide you through your wondrous Pride journey by letting you know in this article what’s on/what you should do and how to get there. Also, don’t forget that Pride isn’t all about the parade, you can carry on the street party well into the night with some awesome after parties (we are looking forward to that the most!).

Your questions answered;

We are from outer space and therefore we are not down with current affairs and such, when is London Pride?

The Pride Parade takes place from Saturday 6th July 2019. However, if you can’t wait to celebrate you can go to a few LGBT+ events around London prior to the big day.

Drinking. Can this happen on the street whilst I watch the parade?

That’s right drinking is usually illegal on the streets of London, and unfortunately, it still is whilst Pride takes place. There are a few bars on route if you want to drink (also a few pop-up bars set up in the Square). Or you could put it in an inconspicuous container, like maybe a water bottle…. (you didn’t hear it from us though).

I am wearing new shoes for Pride and don’t want to walk far. What are the nearest stations to the Pride Parade?

There are a few stations close to various parts of the Parade, Charing Cross, Leicester Square, Tottenham Court Road, Embankment. But we suggest if you don’t want to get blisters (we always have your best interests at heart, caring ain’t we?) then Charing Cross is the one closest to the main stage at Trafalgar Square where the music and events will be happening all day and you will be able to catch some of the Pride Parade.

When does all the action start?

The Parade starts at 12pm, a good lie in for some to prepare yourself for the carnage of the day to come.

If we are fashionably late for the parade can we join anywhere?

Yeah, you can join the Parade at various locations.  The parade takes a 1.4-mile (2.3km) route from just north of Oxford Circus on Regent Street, down Regent Street and through Piccadilly Circus. It then heads down Pall Mall towards Trafalgar Square, and finishes in Whitehall at around 5:30pm. You will be able to enjoy all the sights (of London, not just all the sights in the Parade)

You can also download a handy Pride Parade app so you can check on your phone rather than the website every 5 minutes.

We don’t want to see the Parade. What else can we do on the day?

If 12pm is still too early for you and you just want to go to the after parties then babes you’re in London, there’s loads of stuff to do.

We want to carry on the fun but don’t know where to go? 

Right now neither do we hun, but rest assured we will be updating this article with all the Pride of 2019 info you need. With those after parties specifically for us ladies. Keep checking in with us.

Happy Pride

Nonchalant xx