May bank holiday: Check out Sheffield

bank holiday weekend away

When it comes to weekends away, the first stop is always cheap deals either in the UK or if you’re feeling flush, abroad. There is nothing better than putting on the out of office, packing the carry-on, and locking up for three or four days of complete and utter nothingness. An up and coming hot spot destination has to be Sheffield, forty minutes outside of Manchester, and England’s fourth biggest city, this landlocked haven carries a lot of soul. Two hours on the train from Central London that take you directly into the city centre; the steel city is a perfect place to go to get away for a weekend.

bank holiday weekend away

Fancy a walk?

Sheffield is a unique city, completely landlocked, and reminiscent of Britain’s steel production, but surrounded by miles and miles of national park. The Peak district is truly a thing of beauty and whether you’re an avid hiker or a causal rambler, the small villages and miles and miles of open landscape should be enough to convert even the staunchest of city dwellers.

Just going up pub!

No trip up north is complete without a visit to a pub for some classic Pie and Mash. While many places serve this classic dish, the Notty House is a firm favourite among locals and students. They are known for their world-famous pies and portion sizes; just be prepared to not move for at least an hour after…

Looking for a new wardrobe?

So, you’ve made it up north and now you’re looking to purchase some vintage pieces at non-London prices? Look no further than COW on West Street, and all the smaller vintage boutiques on Devonshire street. With several vintage stores dotted around the city, it is perfect for those who prefer their clothing more unique. For those who want contemporary fashion, the Meadowhall mall is a quick tram ride away, think a smaller version of Westfield’s.

bank holiday weekend away

Time to hit up the bar!

Looking for somewhere to sit and have a fancy drink? When one thinks of the steel city, the image of fancy cocktails is not one that comes to mind. However, Sheffield has some incredible bars with amazing cocktails that are still far cheaper than the average London drink. With chain bars like the Botanist, or independent bars such as The Wick at Both Ends, these drinks will delight and get you feeling a bit tizzy before the end of the night!

bank holiday weekend away

Where to stay?

So now you’ve completed all of the above, you’re probably looking for somewhere to lay down and get a good rest. Sheffield has countless hotels and hostels, air bnbs and even university accommodation available. There are hotels directly in the city centre, and some further out towards the peaks. If you’re feeling really brave you can even explore the idea of renting a cottage in one of the surrounding villages for those enthusiastic hikers among you.

So as the series of bank holidays get underway, whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway in rural England, or an experience of Northern culture, Sheffield is the city to see.

Let us know where you’ll be getting away to this bank holiday

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