UK Pride Events 2019

Apparently there are over 120 different pride events happening in the UK this year, which is more than any other European country. We may be small but we know how to celebrate the cause, right?

Since the first UK Pride took place in London way back in July 1972, it’s grown to epic proportions from a moderate 2000 people to over 40,000.

Pride events are cropping up all over the country, with some boroughs even getting in on the action.

So low and behold, we’ve provided you beauties with a list of pride events taking place over the UK this summer, ensuring you can crack out your glitter and ooze your gay at least once in 2019. 🌈

Pride Events in the South of England

LONDON 6th July 2019

Croydon 13th July 2019

Bristol 13th July 2019

Folkestone 20th July 2019

Norwich 27th July 2019

Brighton 4th August 2019

Cardiff 24th August 2019


Pride Events in the North of England

Grampian 25th May 2019

Birmingham 25th May 2019

York 8th June 2019

Edinburgh 22nd June 2019

Fife (Kirkcaldy) 6th July 2019

Sparkle Manchester 7th July 2019

Worksop 13th July 2019

Manchester 24th August 2019

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Happy Pridin’

Team Nonchalant x