Wagamama- New Vegan Dish (2019)

Wagamama just launched their new summer menu so, like the true foodies we are, we went in to try some of it out! The most anticipated and talked about dish on the menu was the ‘avant gard’n’ in collaboration with vegan chef Gaz Oakley (if you haven’t heard of him then go check him out! @avantgardenvegan). So after a quick queue and setting up shop next to a couple, we open up our menus and explore (although, let’s be honest…we already knew what we were going to order).

Deciding to go the whole hog, we go for the classic ‘wok-fried greens’, obvs the ‘avant gard’n,’ the embodiment of veganism, and to drink, one of their new summer cocktails, the ‘sakura spritz’, made from rosé, campari and vermouth mixed with cherry blossom, pink grapefruit and topped off with mint. Perfect for summer!

As we wait for our food to arrive, we notice the restaurant is getting busier,
Thursday late night shopping and all…so it’s a good thing we came a bit earlier, ain’t nobody got time to be waiting!

And presto! Food is here! As always, presentation is key for Wagamama and it does look pretty gooooooood. The ‘avant gard’n’ is a brown rice-based dish, with var-beque (that’s the vegan version of bbq sauce) marinated seitan strips(if you still don’t know what seitan is…google it) with wok-fried asparagus, shiitake mushrooms, sesame-sprinkled edamame beans, spring onion, carrots and accompanied by the famous vegan egg. The ‘egg’ is made from coconut white, whilst the yoke for this egg is sriracha, so if you’re not into the spice then we recommend you don’t dip your delicate palette like a soldier. The texture of the ‘egg’ is pretty similar to that of a boiled egg but it deffo doesn’t taste the same! It has a sweet kick to it which beautifully contradicts the spiciness of the sriracha.

All-in-all it’s a pretty good dish, and nice to see the vegan range being expanded. The only thing we might recommend would be to order extra var-beque sauce on the side (be careful though, it’s spicy!) and, if you’re gluten-free, have that buscopan ready for afterwards!

We also tried the new salted caramel cheesecake…but that’s for another time…although we don’t really need an excuse to stuff our faces with the glorious deliciousness of that dessert ….. enough said.

Fill your boots! Love Nonchalant xx

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