Nonchalant ~ What’s all the Hygge Hype?

What’s all the Hygge Hype?

Hygge Hype

If you don’t already know what Hygge is, you may have been under a rock for the past few years, there are books about it, high street stores are using it to advertise their winter ranges and you’ll find quite a few papers writing about it in various columns, for those who don’t know about it, how have you missed it?

Hygge Meaning

Let’s start from the beginning. Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word (let’s face it we would all like to be more Scandi wouldn’t we?) and it can mean a variety of things; cosiness, comfort, togetherness. It is more about a feeling in recognising and enjoying the moment in everyday togetherness whether that be with friends or when you are alone. The important thing is you can’t buy it.


Hygge Pronunciation

To start with try and pronounce it correctly. Hygge is actually not pronounced how it is spelt like many foreign languages (‘You Americans butcher the French language’) pronounce it Hoo-gah if you want to be culchurred and more importantly correct. Once you’ve got the pronunciation on lock, you can start blurting it out at every opportunity around your mates or hashtagging it to your heart’s content.

hygge outdoor fireplace

Hygge Hashtagging

This is the time of year for your perfect instagrammable Hygge pics it’s the time of year to get cosy by a fire with your knitwear on and faux fur (protect the animals bitches). Here are a few pointers for what potentially could constitute a Hygge tag; Woolen wear, furry rugs, wood, drinks, candlelight, firesides, wholesome food (perhaps a Smorgasbord if you REALLY want to get into the Scandi way of life). Having said wholesome food and drinks around said fireside with friends, pretending you are laughing about something really culturally significant when you’re actually chatting about the drunken antics you got up to the night before. If you still struggle (there aren’t any rules to Hygge so essentially it could be anything you define as cosy etc) try taking inspiration from Hyggelife instagram account (yep, there’s many an account to do with Hygge) or purchase the many books on it.

Now you’ve got the basics, embrace the Hygge way of life!

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