What’s the deal with Marbella?

Marbella is a place that we hear so much about from, well, pretty much any UK based “reality” tv program. From The Only Way is Essex right through to Made in Chelsea, the chat about jetting off to Marbs is endless. But what is it all really about? And is it worth a visit? If you’ve never been but are considering checking it out then read on my beaut, this article sums up the main points of what you need to know and if it’s worth your sweet time or not..

Marbella in a nutshell:

Marbella is a city in southern Spain’s Costa del Sol. A shit tonne of expats live in the city of Marbella and you’ll find that it’s summer party land of the rich and famous, and we can’t blame them – the joint has one of the best beaches in the whole of Spain plus a wide range of incredible hotels and restaurants. Peeps will argue that the best time to go to Marbs is throughout the summer months, however, if you a hate a tourist then it’s still nice and hot in Sept – Oct, plus you’ll save a buck or two.

Getting to Marbella:?

Sadly, Marbella doesn’t have an airport, however you can fly from the UK to Malaga in about 3 hours, plus a transfer time of approx 55mins from Malaga Airport to Marbella – not too shabby.

Where to stay in Marbella:

Where to stay in Marbella

We’ve been super strict and only listed the best luxury apartments on Marbella beach and surrounding area.

  • Nobu Hotel Marbella
  • Puente Romano Marbella
  • The Urban Villa

What to do in Marbella:

marbs pool party

Marbella Beaches:

All beaches fall within a 12 mile radius of Marbella city centre, see top beach spots below:

  • Bounty Beach
  • Playa de Rio Real
  • Playa de Alicate

Marbella Bars & Clubs:

So Marbella is all about Beach Bars! We’ve listed the top beach bars below and clubs, but expect to splash out as shit is not cheap.

  • Trocadero Arena
  • Bijoux Ban’s
  • Mahiki Beach
  • Olivia Val?re
  • Pangea
  • Aqwa Mist


Marbs is all about luxury, so make sure you wine and dine at at least one of these incredible restaurants below. Sorry, these are also super expensive but it’s all about treating yourself right?

Overall, whatever you get up to in Marbs it will be luxury filled and fun so make sure you let us know what you loved and hated in the comment section below.


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