Nonchalant ~ Where to Eat for Pancake Day in London

Where to Eat for Pancake Day in London

Ah Pancake day, the one evening where you put more effort into dessert than just eating reduced chocolate from Valentines. However, if like us, you cba to trawl through the internet in the hopes of finding a good recipe, buy pointless ingredients you’ll never use again, and then, if you have found a decent recipe and it hasn’t made quite the stack of pancakes you were hoping for, you may not be able to attempt to recreate the recipe successfully. Forget all that effort, why not head out for Pancake day? Make an evening out of it; London has some fit Pancake joints, and we have picked our favourites below;

The Breakfast Club London

Where to eat for pancake day in London

Named after the iconic/cult 80s film (if you ain’t seen it, you need to) this hot spot is sure to impress both foodies and people who just want good food. Over on their Instagram, they are revealing 12 new pancake recipes ahead of the big day, so have a stalk and try not to drool too much. If you are keen on going, make sure you book, as certain locations fill up fast!


Where to eat for pancake day in London

If you fancy going, well, fancy going fancy with your Pancakes, Drunch is a cocktail bar and restaurant that creates truly Instagram worthy dishes. Who doesn’t love a good Instagram picture like the one above? It’s pretty sexy. If that’s not enough to convince you, then the decor of the Mayfair location especially is swoon-worthy. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy champagne with maple syrup pancakes?

Hash E8

Where to eat for pancake day in London

Are you looking for the perfect fluffy pancakes? Well, look no further than Hash E8! From the outside, it looks inconspicuous and similar to a typical London cafe, but inside pancakes are served all day! So the perfect location to spend all day eating pancakes. With three flavours of pancakes to choose from, Hash E8 definitely won’t disappoint or bore.


Where to eat for pancake day in London

We all know a place like this, fancy from the outside, but proper portions (no one likes it when restaurants charge loads for the smallest portion of food) and wholesome content inside. With not only staple pancakes on the menu, but Christophers is also running a Build your own Pancake menu this Pancake day! If your brunch is not complete without these sweet fluffy treats, then look no further. Plus, the option to have a bourbon-laced milkshake sweetens the whole experience, not sure how much sweeter you would want it to be? but you got the option.

Senzala Creperie

Where to eat for pancake day in London

Did we hear someone mention pancakes with a Brazilian twist? Oooooooooooo,  look no further than Senzala Creperie. With both sweet and savoury crepes available, you don’t just have to limit yourself to one course, that’s right do both! They also have a variety of Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free options, which gets a big thumbs up from us.

So, forget doing it yourself, or getting a premix pack from your local supermarket, you don’t need that stress on such a sweet day.  Get your coat and maybe your girlfriend, head out to one of the above.

Tell us if you check out any of the above, and what your thoughts were.

NL x

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