Nonchalant ~ 5 Things To Do During Isolation

5 Things To Do During Isolation

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Suddenly it’s April and we’re all a few weeks into isolation (yes, some a little longer than others but we’re all in this together, yeh?). Who would have thought we’d be spending the beginning of Spring stuck in our houses and living through something our grandkids will probably get taught in History!

If you’re lucky enough to still be working full-time from home then your days are mostly entertained…but there is always the weekend we need to fill up with activities at home. It doesn’t have the same ring to it that it used to have pre-Coronavirus, right? Weekend…It won’t be for long though! We hope.

So, if you haven’t already mastered the art of self-entertainment then we’ve got five things to do during isolation which can be done alone, or with others.

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Yep, Yoga is already quite popular amongst many but if you’ve never tried it out then now is probably the best time! You can either stream a class online (almost all yoga studios are now doing their classes online), watch them on YouTube (we like Yoga With Adriene) or sign up to an App (Down Dog currently has free membership until 1st May).


Got a drawer somewhere full of colouring pencils you once bought but never ended up using? Now’s your chance! Some have had colouring books stashed away for years (a friend, definitely not us). Now it’s time to whack ’em out and experiment with your creative side.

If you don’t have a colouring book then just freehand or have a look on The Google for some inspo – you can never go wrong with The Google… Or you can go onto Amazon, who are still delivering, and get one and whilst you are at it get your colouring pencils too.

Pens for adults …. sure…


Is your butt starting to go soft from all that sitting? Whether it’s on the sofa whilst you binge on your fave show, or at your desk working and pondering why your boss doesn’t let you work from home more often, well your bum might not be getting the exercise it deserves!

And no, getting up to grab more snacks or go to the loo does not count as exercise. So we’ve listed some great exercise apps below that can be done at home so we can stay peachy, coz we all know this is temporary and summer is yet to come hun…

Workout Trainer: Fitness Coach

Nike Training Club

The be.come project

hola sign


Dreaming of when you can next go on a holiday abroad? Or any holiday really…If you can’t wait for the day when you can get on that plane and sit by the pool, or beach, drinking a cocktail and reading a good book, then why not learn the language?

Duolingo is probably the best one out there – you’ll be ordering all the Margheritas and tapas, and finding the best spots in town without an issue! Plus, the language barrier is never good when you’re trying to make new friends…

plants in pots


Whether you have a garden or not, gardening is something everyone can try.

Plants are some of the best things for our health, both physically and mentally. There are many studies out there that show how plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress – just being around them helps. So if you’re starting to feel a bit anxious then take a break and give your plants some TLC.

If you don’t currently have any then pop down to the supermarket and see if you can grab a plant or two, or even maybe some seeds – we know Sainsbury’s are currently selling them! It’ll keep you entertained and it’s so satisfying watching them grow.

If you have any more ideas (or any plant tips) then comment below – we’re always keen to hear from you guys.

Team Nonchalant x

Leah Girona Turner
Leah Girona Turner

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