Nonchalant ~ ‘Feel Good’, New Lesbian Netflix Drama

‘Feel Good’, New Lesbian Netflix Drama

Feel Good, described as a dark lesbian comedy, is set to premiere on 18th March on Netflix US and Channel 4 UK.

Feel Good, Lesbian Netflix Drama

Whaaaat? A new lesbian Netflix drama you say? All for us? This is great news considering we smashed through L Word: Generation Q within a week (ok, it might have been a weekend, but we were hungover so don’t judge, okay). Thanks to Netflix giving some much-needed support to queer entertainment, we can look forward to Mae Martin, who wrote and created this 6 part drama, staring as a comedian and recovering addict.

If that’s not enough to get you watching then we’re also excited to tell you that it’s also staring comedy legend, Lisa Kudrow, that’s right – Phoebe from friends (cue, smelly cat singalong).

We’ll stop chatting on and on now and just give you the goods, check the trailer below.

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